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Kasol also known as the mini Israel of India, situated at the banks of river Parvati in the Parvati Valley. Kasol is said to be the Himalayan hotspot for Backpackers. Wanderers visit here to feel the trippy vibe of the cafe's at this place, the amazing Irish food and the amazing weather at this place is a cherry on the top.

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While planning a trip to Kasol, this really gets very tough to find out what to do in Kasol. You will find out more about near about places not much about your destination that is Kasol. Basically Kasol is a small Hill station and it serves as a base for nearby treks and villages with tourist attraction. 

So, we will discuss all the nearby location as well as the main town Kasol in our upcoming trail of blogs related to the section- Kasol trip Himachal Pradesh.

In this blog, we will discuss about our itinerary of the Kasol trip, discuss about the places nearby Kasol and will cover up all the places in detail in the upcoming blogs at the above mentioned section. So, do not forget to hit the subscribe button to get updates on e-mail regarding the upcoming blog posts.

Without wasting much time let's move to out itinerary.

How to reach Kasol?

Kasol is not reachable directly from many places even from Delhi it is hard to find a direct bus to Kasol. You might not get direct transport to Kasol from your desired location. if you are travelling from a public transport it is better to reach Bhuntar first.


Bhuntar is a small village in Himachal Pradesh which has an airport, so you can take a flight to this place as well. Bhuntar gives you a gateway to Kasol and from the other side to Kullu Manali. So, this is the dividing point from where you can take a turn to Kasol.

Bhuntar is 483.7 KM away from Delhi. You can take flight or Bus to Bhuntar as per your convenience. Bhuntar is not a tourist attraction and does not have much to explore. So, you can stay here for a meal and then move to Kasol. 

Kasol is just 30 KM away from Bhuntar, if you are looking to take a bus, bus timings are 8am-6pm after that you won't get any Bus, however, you can take a Cab to Kasol.

Kasol- Mini Israel of India

Finally you reached Kasol. Kasol is called Mini Israel of India as the place witness a lot of Israeli visitors throughout the year. This is the reason Kasol have a lot of Cafe and restaurants serving Israeli Cuisine. 

Kasol have a different vibe that you cannot find in other hill station, this whole leg has a trippy vibe, do you now why? Kasol, Tosh and most of the nearby villages is famous for weed plantation, so, most of the Cafe, camps have trippy ambience, however, not all cafe serve all these stuffs but the place is famous for it. like there is smell of weed in the air. If you are looking forward to what to do while you are in Kasol, visit -Kasol- mini Israel of India.

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Kasol serve as the gateway to a lot of nearby tourist attraction. And in all the location River Parvati plays an important role. This is what you will see in each location but everytime you get to see this river, or hear sound of moving water, it will be a different experience each and every time. 

So, after reaching Kasol you can explore the small Town Kasol, it is very beautiful and then keep one day each for different locations nearby. Moving forward to out next location i.e. Chalal Village.

Chalal Village 

Chalal a small village near Kasol, famous for its beautiful locations near the river Parvati, picture perfect sights and nature camps on the banks of river Parvati.
Chalal village
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The Chalal trail is a 20 to 30 minutes walk from Kasol, crossing the river Parvati from the bridge. And after that you reach a beautiful location covered with trees and grasslands, sound of river Parvati thrughout the trail. There are various scenic location for a perfect photoshoot at the riverside camps.

You can trek down to chalal village, the scenic views will surely take your breath away and the trail is quite easy and can be done by anyone, as well as you can stay at riverside camps rather than taking hotels in Kasol. Chalal also have various eating outlets at scenic locations which you can check. 

Read here in detail about Chalal Village and things to do at the place.


Manikaran is another tourist attraction near by Kasol and come in our way to our final destination the KheerGanga trek. The Manikaran is a small village that is 3.5KM away from Kasol. So, you can take a cab or local transport to visit this place.

Now, the question is why to visit this place, what is special. Manikaran is famous for its Holy religious temples and Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib. The location is quite beautiful. The Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara on one hand, other temples on the other, Hot Spring in the centre and river Parvati flowing by it. As well as mountains at all the sides, the location is perfect and there are few specialties about the Gurudwara and temples that will make you feel excited for this place and for that read- Manikaran Blog.

KheerGanga Trek

Moving to our next attraction which everybody plans to do while on their trip to Kasol, the beautiful and eye gathering KheerGanga trek, also known as Khirganga.

Kheerganga trek is considered easy to moderate trek due to the jungle area in between all though trek is just of 12KM. However, due to Jungle and Mountain region the way is quite tough and challenging which makes it more appealing. 

Kheerganga trek starts from Barshaini which is 12.1 km away from Manikaran, so make sure after visiting Manikaran you stay there at night and visit Bharshaini early morning. As if you visit Bharshaini late then you might be late for the trek and it becomes more difficult to trek in the evening time due to light issues and the Jungle region. The Kheerganga trek is lot very exciting and has a lot of specialties, to know more about it read- The Kheerganga trek.

Tosh Village

Kasol is famous for its nearby Village trails and their old cultures and beautiful locations. Tosh is one of those famous Villages which is very attractive and if you are looking for peace and feel the beauty of the nature, then this village is your final stop. 

Tosh village
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After the Kheerganga trek while returning when you are tired of walking for two days, consider visiting Tosh for some rest and beautiful scenic view of Valleys. This village is famous for its scenic views, cafe's, and outskirts camps which are surronded by rich diversified Flaura and Fauna. So, after an exciting and tiring trek this could be your final stop for some good food and spend a peaceful day. To read in detail about the village, check out- Tosh Village.

Here, we put an end to our Kasol trip plan, we know the places to visit, to know the activities you can do, stuff you can eat, places to stay and time to give each place check out the whole trail of - Kasol trip Himachal Pradesh.

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