Kasol- The Mini Israel of India

Hello Everyone, we have already discussed about how to reach Kasol, what can be the mode of transport and what are the nearby villages and treks you must try when you visit Kasol. If you haven't read it yet, read that blog first to give you a rough idea about the places you must cover in Kasol trip, visit here. In this blog we will only talk about the stuff you can do in Kasol, what to eat, where to eat and all the fun activities that you can try in Kasol.

Kasol- the Mini Israel of India

Kasol is a beautiful village on the banks of river Parvati. In fact River Parvati is the only common chain throughout the whole trip you can hear, see different shades of the river. The river itself is very beautiful. But what makes Kasol a lovely place is its nature, the hills ,the greenery the trippy vibes of the place. Kasol was merely a bus stop in its 90s and now it is the himalayan hotspot for backpackers. The reason is the vibes here, the beauty of nature and beautiful Parvati river and Parvati valley.

Kasol mini israel of india
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So, Kasol is very beautiful place you can stand at any part and enjoy it but to make your trip more memorable let us make a quick checklist the things you cannot afford to miss when in Kasol. So, without wasting much time lets move on to the list.

The Checklist

  • Don't miss the sunrise
  • Visit Rathi Falls
  • Feel the trippy ambience
  • Exploring kasol market
  • A perfect view with perfect food
  • Walk by the river Parvati

Sunrise in Kasol

Kasol is a wonder to behold, its pure air refreshes you and make you feel alive. The nature the weather and a perfect view. This is all you need for a perfect morning. So, do not miss the sunrise. The chill breeze, sun rising behind the mountains you sat by the river Parvati holding a cup of tea or coffee. Can you feel that vibe?
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The main motive to travel to a destination surrounded by mountains is to get a break from your hectic life and find inner peace, look for things, the beauty of nature that makes you lively inside. So, sunrise is the most beautiful thing you can see. Greenery all around, chill breeze all around and the perfect sun rise between the mountains. If you have been travelling since long and you wake up at 10 and miss a sunrise. You haven't seen everything. You have missed the most beautiful, iconic, a must remembrable view. 

So, if you visit Kasol do wake up early in the morning before the sun shows up wake up early then sun and thank me later.

Rathi Falls

Rathi falls are before you enter in the main town Kasol it is somewhere in outer of the Kasol you would need to climb rocks, a small track through the bushes to reach at the beautiful scenic view of the Rathi falls. 

Rathi falls kasol
Source: @kabilacampkasol

The view is absolutely amazing after a beautiful sunrise a view of waterfall would be an amazing experience and starting with a small trek through jungle would prepare you for the upcoming Kheerganga trek. Although you will see a lot of waterfalls in Kheerganga trek but you won't get much time to sit there and feel the vibe, you would know the reason by reading Kheerganga trek blog. So, visiting Rathi falls gives you a certain amount of time to enjoy that moment and not visit a beautiful scenic must capture view.

The Trippy Ambience

Now this one is long, Kasol is famous for its trippy ambience you can get trippy vibe in the flea market of Kasol, the main town have a lot of cafe with that trippy ambience. Even the hostels have that ambience if you are staying in Kasol you can feel that trippiness all around. There are rave parties happening in Kasol all around. So, just plug in your headphones play manali trance get into the trippy vibes.

Staying in hostels

Kasol hostels
Source: @i_love_kasol_hostels

I would suggest you to stay in hostels or zostels rather than hotels as in hotels you won't be able to find those trippy vibes. In zostel, the music, the decor, the sitting it gives you a chance to know different people local culture and lot more.

Hosteller Kasol
Source: @thehosteller

Trying different activities inside and basically the decor over there will give you that vibe Kasol is famous for.

Visiting Israeli cafe's

Other way to feel that trippy vibe is to visit cafe's with that Ambience. Kasol have a lot of such cafes on the main road in the centre of the town that is why that place gives you trippy vibes. So, I cannot list all those here but will list a few for you, so that, it would be easy for you guys to make a choice.

1. Stone garden cafe

This cafe is in the middle of the Kasol Market. Providing you the proper Trippy vibe. Smokong is allowed in the cafe, they also serves alcohol. Paintings on the wall and sculpture gives you that vibes if a rave party was going over here. 

Stone garden cafe Kasol
Source:  @travel.hindustan

Moving to the food serves good quality food, it is tasty and they play great music with a perfect meal. The music will make you dance but you have to eat while moving your shoulders as you might get lost in the vibes. They have a big menu serving a variety of cuisines. Israeli being the speciality as this is most common in Kasol. Also they serve Indian, Italian, chinese and continental, also they have a bakery as well.

So, that is all you need cafe has everything you desire of. So, if you are curious to know what are the vibes of Kasol and trippiness I am talking about visit this place you will get to know. And some people don't like this culture, so, for you guys i will be listing decent cafe as well, don't worry.

But it is like you must experience everything, you get to know new things and that is good for exposure, not asking you to drink and smoke, i don't promote these stuff. Just enjoying the vibe is the thing. Moving to the next one!

2. LSD - Love Shanti n Dosa

The cafe is located on the temple road Kasol. This is a kind of stall type structure but they have their own sitting available. And the vibe is again a bit trippy over here as this is quite common in all the cafe in Kasol. As the name suggest Dosa and other south indian dishes are their speciality. But they also serve north indian food.

Love shanti n dosa cafe
Source: @thoronlsd

Cafe is run by a couple who have 6 years of experience in food and Beverages from Canada and they serve great quality food at reasonable prices. Both of them are very frank. They can even guide about more to explore in Kasol, however  if you are reading this you won't need them. The must try dishes here are Dosa as the name suggest that, uttapam and they have a large variety of parathas and they serve those hot and tasty. So this could be a perfect breakfast spot for you all.

There are a lot of cafe that are near to these places but it is hard to put all in one list, so, these were the my top picks will come with more in future blog posts.

Kasol Market

A round trip to Kasol market will make you find some really cool stuff to decorate your rooms, every place have something special about it. So does Kasol market has it provides products at very cheap prices. You can find Jimmy Hendrix goodies, night Vision glasses, neon trinkets, shoes, caps , dream catchers, cool keychains and decorative stuff made up of pebbles, and woollen clothes.

Kasol market
Source: @harshnachandel

These stuff are available at cheap prices, a little bargain is needed as well as apart from shopping the Kasol market is built in such a way that it gives you a perfect scenic view of the mountains.

Decent cafe

As promised for people not looking for that trippy vibes picking up my favourite cafe to reach to.

1. Panjtara bar & grill

Everyone would have heard and danced on song 'Panjtara theke', so, here it is the panjtara bar diljit was mentioning throughout the song. All though place is not as shown in the video. Everything at this place is top-notch. Vibe is unparralleled. There is detailing in decor. The place have wind chimes, curtains, sofa, live music stage performances happening every weekend, live gigs and books to read in the shelf.
Panjtara bar and grill
Source: @panjtarabarandgrill

So this place is a perfect cafe that one can think of. The decent ambience that everyone look for. Cafe has open area nearby river parvati, so the view from cafe is also amazing. There is a bar counter in the cafe as well. As per the ambience this cafe has higher rates as compared to other cafe. But the food do the justice to the prices if you spend INR 1000-2000 at this place it is normal and you will be satisfied with the meal.

You can sit in the indoor sitting as well as outdoor. Cafe is vibrant, enthusiastic cafe with live music. So, if you want to have all the fun at single place this place is something you cannot afford to miss.

2. Moon Dance cafe

This cafe is near to the famous Bridge by crossing that you reach chalal trail of Kasol. This cafe is famous for its candle light dinner area. They give you a perfect sitting for candle light dinner. So, if you want a romantic date at this romantic place Moon dance cafe is for you with soft music playing and good ambience.

Moon dance cafe
Source: @moondancecafekasol

The place does not serve mocktails but cocktails are available. They serve a good variety of Israeli food, this is the reason Kasol id called mini Israel. Presentation of food is nice but they take a lot of time in preparing the food. As they want you to enjoy with your loved for longer time so, they take their time to prepare the food, so you guys can have some quality time. Apart from the preparation time of food the place is nice and soothing. You can look to plan a candle light dinner at this place.

Walk by the River Parvati

The last one in our list, is a walk by river Parvati. So, there are two option either you take a walk by river Parvati to capture the perfect view and enjoy and get lost in the peaceful vibes of the place while traveling in Kasol or you can do this while visiting to Chalal as you nead to cross the bridge and walk by river Parvati to Chalal trail. 
So, the choice is yours but I will suggest a morning walk by the river during the sunrise would be so great. 

Source: @farhan_can

So, this brings us to the end of the blog about Kasol will be coming up with further blog posts of this trail. I would say one day is enough to explore Kasol, you can do everything in a single day in Kasol. And if you are not looking to stay in Chalal then you can cover Manikaran and chalal both in a single day. According to me, if you leave from Kasol in evening and stay in Chalal tents for the night it would be a better experience, will be taking about this is the next blog post. 

Till then do not forget to check more of my blog posts, i have market a fee links below and hit the subscribe button if you like my posts.
Thank you for reading.

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