Delhi-night life

Delhi, a city with many dreams and adventures. Let us get a glimpse of Delhi night life

Delhi, a city which is equally above and below the ground level. It is just not a place, Delhi can be defined as an emotion for people living out there.

Delhi is a place which changes life of many. Most of the people want to go to Delhi to study or find a suitable job and earn a living. It is a place that provide people an exposure to a different way of living. Delhi throws you out of your comfort zone and makes you a survivor.

Delhi is full of excitement, different cultures, people from all states of India, vast variety of food. Apart from students and job seekers, people also visit to enjoy the night life of Delhi.


As the name on the topic suggests Delhi- night life. We are going to get a glimpse my experience of Delhi's night life. You must have already imagined the discussion is about Pubs, bars, Clubs. If you have, you are quite wrong.

Delhi's night life is not only limited to clubs, I have a different story, a nightout with a few friend's which has created memories I cannot forget till my last breath. Without wasting much time lets us begin with the actual story.

So it was the month of February and it was very cold out there. So we were in college canteen in the evening time(it is an evening college) and were planning to go to satya niketan to eat something and then go back home, this was our daily routine.  

While playing cards in the canteen someone suggested lets go for a nightout. An unplanned one. Everyone agreed for it and we do not regret it at all. Could define this as best day of 2020. So, We left college at 7:30 PM and were planning what to do in the nightout while we were on the way towards satya niketan.
Satya niketan

We reached satya niketan and then decided that we will ride yulu bikes all night and go to India gate and after that to one of the nightout partner's flat in Chirag Dilli. Seems interesting, no? But trust me when it is a dark night and 6 people riding yulu in that cold weather. I cannot explain how that feels but the moment is unforgettable.

Coming back to the story, everyone agreed to the plan and girls went to their flat to get more jackets and we went to a boy's PG in satya and got some extra Jackets for the night although i was not able to get fit into it and decided to go out in a single hoodie.
Satya niketan

Everyone met in Satya square after one and a half hour and it was about 10:30 at night but one girl was missing who lived in a pg in Satya. We dialed her number to confirm and she told us that she was locked in PG as doors of PG closes at 10:00. 

We went to her PG to help her out tried to convince people living there to open the gate if they have an extra key as Pg's owner does not live there. No one was opening the gate and she was crying sitting by the channel gate of Pg.

Now what to do we cannot leave anyone behind. So we suggested her to go to the first floor use some bedsheets to make a rope out of it and jump down and we will catch. It was a dramatic moment and we did this drama for about half an hour and then a lady came out from nowhere with the key and opened the door. We missed an oportunity to experience this movie scene of jumping from the roof to go out without permission but we are sure we will make her do this some day.

It was 11:00 PM and we were hungry and almost all the restaurents were closed but we managed to find one to sit and eat something decent. Now the journey part begins we went to the Moti bagh metro station. And got our yulu bikes. A tip for people who are looking to try Yulu. Downlaod the Yulu app in advance and add a top-up balance as a security.

We rented yulu with an offer costing us 180 ruppees for 6 hours. And we started our ride towards our first destination that was India gate.
Yulu bikes

We have grown up watching indian cinema and we love to have such friends who would go on a bike ride or drive to India gate at night eat ice cream there as we have seen in lot of bollywood movies. Don't you want to do it once in your life? 

I wanted to since my 1st year of college, although we didn't had a jeep or bike but we had yulu bikes. These automatic charging bikes with maximum speed upto 20kmph are best for this. Six friends six yulu on Delhi roads that too empty. Yes, you hardly see people around you.

And you are ridding and enjoying the ride but there is always that one person in the group who falls from the cycle and one girl who do not know how to use breaks or decrease speed just keep on riding. We had those as well. One fell down and other one didn't noticed and travelled 1000m without noticing group has stopped. Although one guy went behind her and stopped her so that she do not get lost.

This does not end here we made some cool videos click pics while riding on Delhi roads and we have one stuntman as well in the group who left the riding cycle and jumped with a perfect landing. And finally after all this drama we reached India gate and we found we are not the only one doing this we found five more groups riding yulu there.
India gate

We parked our yulu at India gate and we went to have some tea and on returning towards yulu we found out people are gathered around our yulu bikes and trying to ride it but those were locked by our app in our androids. We met people who came by car to India gate and asked us from where did we get yulu and they rented yulu from nearby metro station to ride there. It is such fun. We rode on big roads of India gate and then clicked some pics and then left for Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib. 

It was not too far but it was very cold out there so we needed to warm ourselves so we locked our yulus in Bangla Sahib's parking for 1 hour 30 minutes and attended first ardas at 3:00 AM in Bangla Sahib. We were in a state of mind where we can sit quitely in peace. 
Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib

Then we went towards the parking we realize it is still very cold and one of our comapnions wanted to get an Ola to go to the flat so that we don't have to ride in this cold weather.

We convinced her to ride but the fact is we have to ride 15kms to reach the destination. At that time we realised riding yulu is fun, you enjoy alot but access of anything can be tiring and irritating. We were bored after 8 kms and but we didn't had a choice we had to ride 7 kms more to reach the destination. So, we just rode back to the destination without any drama.

Then we reached Chirag Dilli Metro Station and parked our yulu there. But after riding all night long we were hungry, very very hungry. So we went to nearby 24seven to get something to eat and after a long tiring and memorable day what you guys want. A cup of coffee with maggie.
Smile on our faces shows how happening that day was.

That what we got Maggie with coffee. We got all the stuff to make coffee and maggie. And reached to friend's flat and then we talked about the incidents happened during the ride and enjoyed while we made coffee and maggie.
Then we had coffee, Maggie, wait something is missing. Yes, A movie! That to 'pyaar ka punchnama 2'. We watched this in morning around 5 and that's how my experience of night life was. 

Dark sky, riding yulus, with few friends you can rely on. Atlast everything that matter is to get people to go along with you and are equally mad like you. So if you are planning to visit Delhi to enjoy its night life. Then going to a club and getting drunk is a great option but this aspect of night is another fun. One can also put this in their bucket list.

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