Manikaran- a peaceful spot

Hello Everyone, so after reaching Kasol and Chalal we have Manikaran in our bucket list. Manikaran is a small town just 4 Km away from Kasol. After an energetic day at Pirates of Parvati, you would surely want to find some peace and Manikaran is perfect place to do that. Manikaran is famous for its Holy places and shrines, people usually visit here for these religious places, but the beauty of this city is of another level.


Gurudwara shri Manikaran sahib

Manikaran is a soothing place because of its position and famous spots, it is a small town, on one side there is river Parvati flowing by it. and on the other hand, there are religious spots which include- Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib, Lord Ramchandra temple, Lord Shiva Temple all together and a hot water spring, and mountains on all four sides. The location is so peaceful and scenic, the view is exquisite. One can spend hours there exploring these religious places and the capturing these mind blowing views.

Manikaran also has a story behind its name, it is said that, Lord Shiva visited Manikaran, he decided to meditate while goddess Parvati took a bath in the river. Parvati lost one jewel while bathing which was caught by a snake and it was not returning the jewel, on which lord Shiva got very angry and did the tandav, and the snake then returned the Jewel. After that the place is known to be Manikaran as Jewel is called as Manikaran in hindi Language.

As most of the shrines and religious spots are discussed in above paragraph, let us see one by one what all the things we can do in Manikaran, where to eat, where to visit and what to do, all these questions will be answered soon. So, just read this blog to the end, before planning your trip to Kasol, also do not forget to check rest of my blogs in the Kasol trip.

So let us move on to the list without wasting much time.

Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara

Manikaran sahib Gurudwara
Credits: @the_glittery_minimalist

To begin with, lets move to the one of the most famous and visited spot Gurudwara shri Manikaran sahib. Manikaran sahib is visited by both hindus and sikhs as this gurudwaara is made up of glasses and it is said that people see a reflection of hindu god, godesses in the glasses. This is the reason devotees visit this gurudwara. 

Apart from this the view and weather of this place is just perfect. As all the gurudwara, this one also serves langer to the devotees but this is also special. They do not use Gas cylinder to cook food. There is a hot water spring present there and the food is cooked with the heat of that boiling water of the spring. This is one of the most unusual stuff you can find at this beautiful location. So make sure to try this langar before leaving as this is all given by nature.

Hot water spring

Hot water spring manikaran

Moving forward to hot water spring, we have already discussed about the hot water spring. Hot water spring serves special purpose to this location. It is used by gurudwara sevaks to cook food. Apart from that it is also allowed to take a bath in natural jacuzzi. 

It just cost a entry of INR 30 and you can take a bath at this place. However, this is quite crowded. I would suggest you take a bath in hot water spring at kheerganga where it is less crowded as compared to manikaran. You can try it at both the times as well as it is always soothing. 

Apart from this, Hot water spring is also used by devotees coming to lord shiva temple, they cook rice in muslin bags above the hot water spring. This is also something must try at this place.

Lord Shiva temple

Shiv temple manikaran
Credits: @travelandcodes

As discussed above the speciality of this temple, about devotees cooking rice in muslin bags. Apart from that this temple is also a special place for the hindus as discussed above Lord shiva did tandav at this place, and river parvati is also named after goddess Parvati. That is the reason people visit this place to worship. And this place serves as an important pilgrimage spot for the devotees.

The structure of temple is very attractive and well built. It has been hit by earthquake before and was damaged, yet it has maintained its shape and structure. It has got bit tilted due to the earthquake but it has still been there tilted for a centuary. So, this makes this temple even more charming and attracts a lot of visitors.

Lord Ramchandra Temple

Lord ramchandra temple manikaran
Credits: @traveljourney.insta

This Temple was build in 17th centuary by Raja Jagat Singh who himself brought the idoms of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita from Ayodhya. This place has 3 big halls and 40 rooms for Devotees who visits. This place also serves as tourist attraction as it is well build and serves as historic location as well as a religious spot. Langar is also prepared for all the devotees who visit each and every day.

Apart from these spot we do have kulant pith which is said to be the place where lord Shiva stayed and it is said that a dip in the vishnu kund wash away all your sins also there is Naina bhagwati Mandir which is again a temple refering to lord Shiva. Naina bhagwati means the third eye of Lord Shiva. This place is also a tourist attraction.

What to eat?

Moving forward to eating part, i must suggest you to try Langar at these religious spots as this is something another kind of experience and if you want to try some cafe. I would suggest you to visit wood rose cafe as it is a bit before Manikaran.

Wood rose cafe and resorts

Wood rose cafe and resort
Credits: @woodrose_cafecamp

The cafe has a perfect location on the banks of river parvati and is good for a visit if you are going towards manikara  by your own cars or by foot. The small cozy cafe which also offers camp stays for tourist. But as we have already camped at chalal. We can visit this place only for the tasty food.

The cafe has a hippie ambience which is the most common thing we have found in this Kasol trip but this is what makes Kasol, parvati valley bit different from other valleys. You can see paintings and bob marley pictures all around the cafe. There are indoor games available at cafe. The food is excellent and staff is also very good.

So, this is kind of a perfect grab your meal spot while you are going ahead to Manikaran.

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