A trail to Chalal Village

Hello Everyone, welcome back to my Kasol trip guide and we are in our day 2 of the trip. First day, we got a glimpse of the stuff we could do is Kasol, the experience you do not want to miss out.In this blog, we will talk about the trail to the Chalal Village which is a small peaceful village next to Kasol.

Kasol is famous for its nearby treks and trail, the village like Chalal, Malana, Tosh are the best places to explore the local culture, to see the actual unseen beauty of nature, as these places are less crowded and away from the markets. The peace look for around the mountains can actually be found at these places.

Before talking about how to plan, how to visit, let us know a bit of glimpse about Chalal and then we will discuss about how, what and why, as these are the things, I always take in my blogs about. So, without wasting much time. lets quickly move to the blog about Chalal Village.

Chalal Village

Chalal village
Source: @nomadia__doctor

Chalal is a beautiful village on the banks of river Parvati surrounded by mountains and greenery all around. Chalal is basically famous for connecting visitors to nature, sounds of river Parvati hitting the stones throughout the trail, scenic views by the river Parvati.

This has been our favourite landscape since childhood. A riverside cottage, behind that there are mountains all around and a rising sun, with birds flying around. This is the Image we have been imagining since childhood and Chalal Village is a real life picture we have been painting. This is why i prefer this place more than main town Kasol, As the peace the perfect view, that is what we look for when you visit a scenic location like this.

How to reach Chalal?

Chalal is just 30 minutes walk from Kasol, you need to cross the famous bridge from Kasol and then you need to walk along with river Parvati for around 15-20 minutes and you reach Chalal Village. You will find a lot of Cottages, tent house, Guest house in Chalal. Chalal is a place famous for Homestay, camps combined with cool Cafe.

Chalal village
Source: @peaceaurparvat

Chalal is just like old Manali that I discussed in Manali blog. As peaceful and as scenic as old Manali, Guest house at distance, great view of Mountains, Even witness Snowfall in winters. Staying at a place like this will be an amazing Experience.

So, if you have decided to stay first day in Kasol in night and then for next day Chalal try to start the trail early morning to do not miss anything over there as you need to plan visit to other places as well. or what I would say is, it is better to stay in Chalal for the night rather than staying in Kasol. you can start the Chalal trail in the Eve of day 1 and stay in Cottages in Chalal and have fun over there. And to make it easy for you, I have short listed two such amazing places to stay and eat that you will surely thank me for that after you pay your visit.

So, let us move to the two short-listed cafe or stays, and you will get to know more about stuff you can do in Chalal.

Pirates of Parvati Freedom Cafe

Chalal village
Source: @pirates_of_parvati_

Pirates of Parvati is the name for the stay and they have their cafe named as Freedom Cafe so, this is a place that will give you both the place to stay and tasty food. This place is all you need from this place. People tend to visit Chalal for couple of days at this place and end up staying for weeks. This is a perfect hub for night life and partying near by Kasol.

Place is amazing, chilling vibes, great ambience, painting on walls, a camp like place with cottages. It offers a riverside view. Surrounded by hills, the perfect landscape view. So, you get a place to stay the cafe have indoor and outdoor sittings, amazing views. You can stay at this place for as many days as you want, as the staff and the owner is friendly and vibes are so chilling that you would never wish to leave.

Chalal village
Source: @pirates_of_parvati_

Coming forward to food, it is tasty, affordable and perfectly presented for your instagram posts. You get a variety of food items at this place. Pasta is their specialty, you can try white sauce pasta or mix-sauce pasta. 

Sounds like a perfect place, I mean what else you want from a place. Good music, good food, Good view, peace, chilling vibes, bonfire at the outside sitting area, this place has it all. And apart from that this place throws a perfect new year party, So, if you are visiting Kasol around 31st Dec, do not miss this party as this could be the most exciting one you can have. Also, the place conducts regular rave parties. So, this place is a combination of peace and pleasure at the same time.  

Chalal village
Source: @pirates_of_parvati_

This place sums up all the stuff and plan you can have for Chalal. We see Chalal as the unexplored village where you can actually find yourself surrounded with natural beauty and away from your hectic routine in the search of peace. You can enjoy, stay, eat and explore all at this place and near to this place. as river Parvati is just at 2 minutes walking distance you can rome around and get some cool pics videos and just feel the moment.

Yet, I have another option for you which will excite you a lot.

The Trippy for'Rest

If you want to go Deeper in Chalal where you won't find much options to stay and eat then this is your last option, The trippy for'Rest is the last Stay that offer you a shelter and meal. But at such places you just get food to eat, cannot complaint or appreciate the taste, food is ok-ok, prices are affordable, Stay in Camps. But this is not for all the fun and excitement, this place is for people who are actually looking for the some solo time. 
Chalal village
Source: @thetrippyforrest

The more you get deep, More scenic and unexplored views you can witness, so if you want to actually want to look for unexplored location then go deeper in Chalal and stay at this place, it will surely excite you, it will be the adventure you might be looking for, but make sure to carry Odomos with you. More you are into flora and fauna, more insect bites you might get. sleeping in tents surrounded by bushes and trees will surely get you deal with these insects thing. Rest it is another kind of experience and you will surely have fun at this place.

So, if you visit Chalal in evening time at stay whole night at any of the camps in Chalal, you can enjoy and have fun till noon and then you can leave for Manikaran the same day as if you are on a five day trip, I do not want you to miss any of the places, so visiting Manikaran on the same date, will be great, but in case you love this place and do not want to leave there is no problem because remember what Naina said to Bunny -" how much you try you will always miss something". So, if you are enjoying in Chalal stay there for couple of days and do not rush to the next place.

As it is good to leave something not explored so that it gives you motive to visit the place again.

This takes us to the end of Chalal trail, Next blog will be about Manikaran, where we will know a bit about Manikaran and the history of famous religious places over there and off course what not to miss out. Till then hit the subscribe button, keep sharing and reading and do not forget to more of my blogs, link shared below-

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