Nainital trip - Discovering the lake city of Uttarakhand

Nainital - The lake city of Uttarakhand

Nainital- the lake city of Uttarakhand

Nainital is famous for its Naini lake is the beautiful hill station situated in Uttarakhand. Naini lake is not the only attraction in Nainital. Its changing weather, tasty and delicious momos and various tourist attraction spots that excite the tourists towards this beautiful hill station. 

Naini Lake
The Naini Lake

People from Delhi and UP prefer to visit Nainital as it is the nearest Hill station, so, it is easy to reach, as well as people love to visit Nainital in hot summers to avoid hot summers of Delhi.

I will write another blog really soon about things to do at Nainital.

In this blog, I am going to share my travel story to Nainital. 

Nainital trip

Being a citizen of Haldwani, Nainital is my second home. I have been to Nainital uncountable times. But trust me it has shown me a different view every single time. After each and every Nainital trip, I have a different picture of Nainital in my mind.

So, I would be sharing a lot of stories of Nainital with you, for today I will be picking my favorite one. For the very first time I visited Nainital with my friends on bikes. That trip gave me a different sight about Nainital as well as of the journey to Nainital.

Nainital-The lake city of Uttarakhand

When I was in 5th standard I used to say, I don't want to visit Nainital on the car or bus as the 40km journey is boring on Car and its a hill station. So, those curvy roads will surely make you feel nasty.

But my perception changed very soon. Those roads seem so beautiful for the very first time. Those mountains, trees, rays of the sun, numbed breeze, everything seemed so beautiful while riding towards Nainital. Let's move forward towards the story as I can spend my whole day describing the beauty of this beautiful hill station.

The story begins

It was a Thursday morning. It was our summer vacation of 11th class. I got a text in the morning that we are going to Nainital be there at the meeting point by 11:00 AM. This plan has been due since so long that no one could refuse to it. So, I lied to my Mom that we are going to watch a movie, then we will go to Maggie point and will return in the evening and left home by 10:30AM.

Nainital trip
On the way to Nainital from Haldwani

Picked my friend and then reached the meeting point by 11:10 AM, I though that I was late but no, everyone reached by 11:50 AM so we were already late. Nevermind, I was damn excited as I haven't lied to travel outside the city, although my brother knew about it, still everyone is afraid of the parents.

Keeping myself positive we left for Nainital. We met at Kathgodam. Kathgodam to Nainital is approximately 35kms, so it is not a long journey, but it is very exciting as it is my first time traveling with friends. 

I was not allowed to ride since it was my first time on those roads. So, I was sitting at the back whole journey, that is quite annoying. But witnessing the beauty of the Nainital road for the very first time was an experience which is not easy to explain.

Kathgodam to Nainital

The Nainital road seemed so beautiful trees dancing around, we can listen to the sound of river near ranibagh, it looked so beautiful. Less traffic, empty roads, those turns, everything seems amazing.

Haldwani to Nainital
Kathgodam to Nainital

Now, the only challenge we had is the police checkpost at jeolikote. As we all were 16- 17 and we do not have DLs, so passing the checkpost without getting caught was a target. But then my friends told me about a narrow road to pass the checkpost from a longer route only meant for bikes. 

Yes, there is a way to ride to Nainital without getting caught by the police there is turn before 500m of Jeolikote police station. You need to turn there and then you can rejoin the Nainital road after riding 1 Km on that road. 

Nainital Road
Nainital Road

By using this unconstructed road you can skip Jeolikote police station. We went ahead. As we were going upward the breeze started getting chilly, we started feeling cold. And weather started to change. We could witness fog on the footsteps of Nainital. That is too not permanent it keeps on changing, after a KM we get to see the sunshine again.

You can feel the beauty of nature on that way. And then finally we reached our destination, Nainital. The firrst thing you see is the Nainital Lake also known as the Naini lake. It looks so beautiful sun rays on the lake, making it look like diamonds in the sea. 

Nainital- The lake city

I took some photographs of the Nainital Lake while the other people were riding towards our parking spot. Yes, we park our bikes on a road where no one disturbs us to remove our bikes again and again. It is near to the best Momo shop of Nainital, that is Sonam Fast Food, since 1983. People specially visit Nainital for these Momos. So, this would be on your bucket list, if you are planning to visit Nainital.

Nainital trip
Nainital view near the Temple

We did the same, first thing we did was to eat momos from. This shop in Tibetian Market, Nainital. Moving forward, we crossed the Tibetian Market and reached the Naina Devi Temple. It is a must visit place not only to pray and worship, but the view from the Naina Devi Mandir is damn beautiful. The lake looks even more Beautiful from the Temple. You could sit there for hours and never get bored.

Moving forward, we went towards the Mall road which we have done a lot of time, so we do not find it interesting but for the first time visitors this is the place you can find cafes, dominos and many more restaurants. I will help you with the list of these cafe very soon in my next blog. Also you can shop amazing, attractive stuff on the Mall road.

The Mall Road Nainital
Nainital Mall Road

Boating in Naini Lake

This is something everyone need to try once when they visit Nainital, I have done this a lot of times, but not in this trip as we had a different plan for this one. But boating in Naini lake is something very peaceful and enjoyable. I have tried all types of boats in Naini Lake the self paddled one, the one with a sailor. If you want to try rowing, you need to visit Bhimtal or Naukuchiatal as you won't see self Rowing boats in Nainital.

Nainital Boating
Boating in Nainital

When you are sitting in a Boat and it is evening time you can witness a beautiful sunset from their. You can click some very beautiful pics of Nainital from center of the lake. The view from the center of the lake is damn beautiful, it is unexplainable. And breeze you feel in the Lake it is so cold that it make you shiver even in the Month of July. Everything so beautiful that you never want to leave that place.

Nainital Boating
Boating in Nainital

Being a native of Nainital district I have never stayed at Nainital at night, but would surely suggest you about the best hotels to stay in the next blog. Although I suggest you to stay in Kausani or Haldwani resorts. But the night view of Nainital is also very lovely, I was there on New year's Eve till 12:30 and it looked very beautiful. So, staying in Nainital would also be a great experience.

Local Market in Nainital

Now, after roaming in Mall Road and Tibetian market we went to the local market where you can find everything at low prices. The Desi dhabas, departmental stores and local cloths store are there and you can find everything at good prices.

Nainital Market
Nainital Market

So, our plan was to pack our food basically chicken for non vegetarians and paneer for me the only vegetarian in the group with some butter naan. Ummm, I am feeling hungry while describing this. 

Continuing with the plan, we packed our food and went towards Kilbury to sit there and eat it while looking at the beauty of nature. While going towards Kilbury you get a lot famous points of Nainital. I will tell you about all a bit.

Nainital High Court

Nainital High court
High court

You will find Nainital High Court in your way and that place is heaven. It's garden looks so beautiful, it so well maintained that you would like to go inside and sit there. But everyone is not allowed to go inside and It is my dream as well to sit inside for some time. 

Open AC point

Nainital tourism
Open AC point

This one is quite interesting, here is a small hole in a mountain and when you stand near by the hole you will feel the cold breeze hitting you in hot summers. And in winters you will feel warm air just like you are using a heater or blower. It is said that this hole is connected with a glacier in himalayas that is the reason of the cold breeze and I never understood the fact of hot air in winters but it works. So this place is must visit while you are visiting Nainital.

Naini Peak point

Naini Peak
Naini peak

Everyone loves the top view of Nainital, right? Then this is the place you want to check. You can see the full view of Nainital. The Naini Lake looks like a mango from that point. Most of the Photographers capture this view as it is very beautiful to see. And is a treat for the eyes to watch.

Lovers point, Sucide point

Lovers point
Lovers point

Lovers point and sucide point are your next stop, it is a place where couple writes their name on a small rock. Apart from this the view from both these points are damn beautiful. People visit the hill station to enjoy these views and that is why these are special points by different names. All these points are beautiful you can sit there and enjoy the beauty of nature and forget about all your tensions and work load of office and just enjoy. The name of the place is sucide point but no one jumps from there. This place not promote sucide but gives you more reason to live. To discover more such places. To discover every corner of the world is a drug of its own.

Himalaya Darshan

Himalayas view point Nainital
Himalaya Darshan

This is the last one before moving back to my travel story. From this point you can get a view of the Himalayan ranges. It looks so beautiful. There are people gathered there. There are guides with a telescope, you need to pay take a look but that look is a delight to watch. Most of the people visiting Nainital say Nainital is nothing but a lake with few shops. Because they are unable to find a proper guide to show them the real beauty of Nainital. I hope this blogs help you to find these points and you mark these points on your bucket list when you plan your trip to Nainital.

Kilbury, Nainital

Towards Kilbury

Back to our trip, so we packet our food went through above mentioned points and then reached Kilbury. Kilbury is nothing but few mountains by the side with very less people to disturb you can climb any mountain and sit with your group there and unpack your food and eat it. It feels like a picnic with friends sitting in a park with a beautiful view and just enjoying. Cracking jokes, having fun, and that tasty food. 

Everything looks perfect when you can feel the nature. The food tastes perfect. You can hear the chirping of birds, wind making the trees dance, and smell of trees. This is all what you need for a perfect evening. 

Nainital trip
View and food

Keeping just one thing in mind, when you are at such location, make sure not to throw any garbage at that location as no one would be visitng there for weeks to clean it. So, it is your responsibilty to not to throw your trash there whatever you eat, take the trash with you and throw it in the garbage box in Nainital while returning. This is a humble request. 

Our group did the same, I collected all the poly and foil paper and put that in my bag and then threw it in the garbage box. I have also been to Nainital for cleanliness drive and I have seen chips packets and a lot of wrappers on the lake side. It is not good for the fishes living in that lake which look extremely beautiful. So, when you come to enjoy the beauty of nature make sure not to destroy it. 

The beautiful Hill station- Nainital

After this time we returned back to our home and the return journey was same beautiful. We turned our engine off and rode back to Haldwani, I was allowed to ride while returning so, it was also an amazing experience.

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    1. Thank you Bina... the best way to understand this is to visit the place then you will be able to relate to the blog post as every place is in line with yhe sequence which will make your trip rememberable.