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Nainital City

A beautiful hill station situated in Uttarakhand. One cannot describe its beauty in words, the beautiful lake, Amazing changing weather, the zoo, famous points and a lot more. I have already shared a lot about the Beauty of Nainital in my previous blog. Still, we can not stop ourselves from praising the beautiful hill station. To check my previous blog about Nainital. Visit- Nainital trip- Discovering lake city of Uttarakhand.


Nainital - the Lake city
Nainital- The Lake city of Uttarakhand

Every year a lot of people visit Nainital. Some have great memories with it and want to visit again. On the other hand, people say Nainital has nothing much to explore. They say so because they are unable to explore anything and if you do not want to be one of them, You must know everything about a place where you are planning to visit. So, check the Nainital section of my blog to check more about Nainital. Click here

Food outlets in Nainital

Whenever you visit any place, there are 3 things everyone should research before reaching there. First is how to reach, Second Where to stay And what to eat. If you know these things in advance, you feel less tired during the trip, as you won't rely on fake suggestions or wandering over streets to look for some good quality food.

Nainital- The Lake city
Nainital- The lake city

Nainital has a lot of restaurants, picking the right one is really a tough choice. Some Restaurants look so nice from outside that people think that this must be very expensive and won't try it. And some looks good but you cannot decide what to eat and end up eating something which does not taste that well. Turns to spoil your mood on a trip where you want everything to be perfect. So, I am here to help you.

Today, I will be sharing list of my favourite Restaurants, cafe, street food that you must visit when you are in Nainital. So that, next time when you visit Nainital where to eat and what to try. 

Without wasting much time let's move to the list.

1. Sonam Fast Food, Tibetan Market

Sonam Fast Food Nainital
Sonam Fast Food, Nainital

Sonam Fast Food serves best Chinease in Nainital. People specially visit Nainital from near by location to eat their momos. If you visited Nainital, you do not want to miss these amazing tasty momos with spicy Chutney.

Sonam fast food has no dinning area. People stand outside the shop and eat momos. As in Tibetan Market, there are small shops for almost everything. And at the end of the market there is this shop where you get the best momos of Nainital. Do not get confused with other shops in Nainital with similar name. Tibetan Market is always crowded and even more crowded near Sonam fast food.

Despite of the crowd you do not have to wait much for your plate of momos or other Chinese food. The owner is quite fast with serving the item ordered.The Chutney they serve as well is very tasty and spicy. I have tried these momos with the chutney and trust me I ended up sweating in the winters as well.  

Recommendations- Veg or chicken steam momos, Thupka soup and Chowmein.
Where- Tibetan Market, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two- INR 100-150

2. Cafe Lakeside

Cafe Lakeside, Nainital
Cafe Lakeside

This is Cafe besides the Hotel Lakeside, kind of a part of the same building. The Cafe is on first floor and is on the Mall road, hence provides you an amazing Lake view while sitting in Courtyard of the Cafe. 

The cafe has beautiful ambience, decent view of the lake and a wide variety of dishes to offer. This cafe is quite expensive as compared to the other restaurants and cafe on the mall road. But the ambience, view, taste of the food is worth the cost. Not only the food but their way to present food is  quite attractive. As well as the staff is professional, the chefs are highly skilled, everything that comes out of the kitchen is a delight to watch and eat.

Just Imagine sitting under the shed in the courtyard of the cafe sipping a coffee with the view of the lake, it feels like heaven on Earth. Nainital itself is a Heaven, all you need is a perfect spot to sit and enjoy its beauty. And how can we forget those tasty dishes served by cafe. They serve Pancakes, Waffles, Chinese cuisine, Indian, Ittalian and lot more. You would like to try them all. 

They also provide Blankets and heaters in winters to those who are feeling cold or want to sit in the courtyard even in winters.

Recommendations- Butter Chicken Pizza, Paneer Khurchan Paratha, Cheese spring rolls, Pancakes, Waffle, Coffee is a must in winters.
Where-  UT SH 41, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 1000-1500

3.Chandni Chowk Restaurant

Chandni chowk Restaurant
Chandni Chowk Restaurant, Nainital

Another Restaurant on the mall road, Nainital. This Restaurant is not a normal restaurant. As the name suggest this restaurant has a Chandni chowk based theme. To all the Delhites, this is a place where you get all your favourite chandni chowk food if you are missing those tasty chatpata food.

On the entrance they have a fort kind of a structure, making it look like a kind of palace. But once you enter inside you see, street lights and trees inside with a sitting in center which makes it look so beautiful. And on the walls you can see pictures potraying shops as in chandni chowk market, the cloth shop, Stationery stuff and all you get in Chandni chowk.

Moving to the food, they serve all the famous food of old Delhi. Even in their menu card they have sections named places of Chandni chowk like Parathe wali gali, Dariba Sweets etc. Apart from the old Delhi food they also serve pastas and other Italian and Indian cuisine.

Looking at the Restaurant from the front you will surely thing this one will be very expensive. But that is not the case they serve these food items at very reasonable prices. I remember going to the old Delh food festival and eating a plate of chat at INR 130, so it is way more than less. If you miss the old Delhi food in Nainital, this is the place you must put in your bucket list.

Recommendations- I recommend all the chandni chowk stuff, Jalebi is tasty, Chat, Parathe all at reasonable prices
Where-  Mall road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 500-800

4.Cafe de Mall

Cafe de mall Nainital
Cafe De Mall, Nainital

Cafe de Mall is also on the Mall road. The theme of this cafe is quite cute, remember those walls from Mr. bean's house. The walls of the Cafe looks the same and it has a decent sitting area and does not offer a large variety of food items.

It is good for breakfast or snacks. They offer a few light dishes, other snacks and fast foods. The snacks here are not much expensive. All the items are available at a reasonable price. And a plus point is good view of naini lake. This is the best part about most of the cafe is the view.

Talking about the tasty dishes their chole bhature is very tasty. But the think which attracts me more for the breakfast is uttapam and the cheese sandwiches. A plate of sandwich is so well presented that is perfect to put as the cover of the menu. If you want a light breakfast, in low budget and healthy food at neat place, then this place is a must visit.

Recommendations- Cheese sandwich, chole bhature, uttapam.
Where-  Mall road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 500

5. Zooby's kitchen

Zooby's Kitchen, Nainital
Zooby's Kitchen

This case is a beautiful cafe very well build on the first floor, providing you a perfect window view of Naini lake and Mall road. As well the ambience inside the cafe is very classy.

The cafe has a wooden theme everything is perfectly set making it look so classy. It has kitchen equipments hanged on the wall in frames as a 3D picture. As the name says this is a kitchen. So, the theme is kitchen based, a kitchen everyone would love to have in their homes.

A kitchen is said to be nice if it fulfils to requirements. One is it must be neat and clean, second is tasty food. Zooby's kitchen is ten on ten in both scenarios. The ambience and food both are very classy. The way they present their food is addorable and it is tasty as well. 

They serve soups, starters, chinease, main course. So, the place is perfect for a dinner date.

Zooby kitchen is quite expensive as they delivers beautiful ambience and a wide varity of food. But the price is worth to the food and ambience. The quality of their servide do justice to the price.

Recommendations- I prefer manchow in soups, then paneer tikka in starters and non veg items are also very good.
Where-  Mall road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 1200-1500

6.Machan Restaurant

Machan Restaurant
Machan Restaurant

This is one of the oldest restaurant of Nainital which also have branches in Bhimtal. Since, it is been there for a long time, it is built on a prime location on the mall road. Also gives you a perfect lake view.

Machan has a modern decor interior and a lively atmosphere. Again this is a wooden themed restaurant. And it also serves quite affordable food. Machan is built on a certain with a window view of lake, which looks extremely beautiful in winters.

Being the oldest of all this is highly recommended and food is tasty as well. This place gives you a good price, a lively atmosphere and warmness while looking at the foggy weather of Nainital. It takes 30-40 minutes to get your food ready, but you can even wait for an hour looking at that view and enjoying the vibes.

Recommendations- This place is perfect for dinner and lunch. So, recommended are kadhai paneer, as i liked it. You can also try biryani, and a variety of chicken for sure.
Where-  Mall road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 1000-1300

7. Honey Hut

Honey Hut Nainital
Honey Hut Nainital

This is small, cute bakery kind of a cafe. They are famous for various drinks made using honey. All the items are mouth-watering, you would like to try them all.

A cozy ambience and hot coffee in those winters with a view of Nainital lake and mall road, is all we want. This place is not to have a dinner or proper snack. This place is meant for after dinner desert or a perfect coffee date. 

They add honey in coffee and they says "Honey adds sweetness and a unique flavour that will make your coffee memorimable" and this is so true. That unique taste stays in your mouth for hours after having that coffee.

They serve pancakes, bevarages, waffles, coffee with adding honey and various drinks made of honey. Almost they add honey in every eatable item. They also provide their honey from online sale, it is also a must try.

Recommendations- I will recommend pancakes, donnuts and honey added coffee.
Where-  Mall road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 300-500

8. Pots & stone cafe

Pots & Stone cafe Nainital
Pots & Stone cafe Nainital

Pots and stones cafe has its branches in Haldwani and Nainital. Haldwani one is called the Pots and stones The Garden Cafe as its theme is based on Garden. And Nainital one has a wooden theme. Both the cafe are well built, a cozy ambience, great decor. Anyone would love to spend there time in this beautiful cafe. These are really well built.

Apart from the amazing Ambience, their staff is also very nice and polite. They always wears a smile on thier face, the food is tasty. Hence, this makes it the perfect kind of place you want to visit. They also provide Board games and light music is always playing, so that it won't get boring waiting for your favourite food.

The cafe is at the other end of Mall road, so do not offer a lake side view but the taste of food covers it all. Although the cafe is quite expensive. But it is worth a try. They have large variety of food items Pasta being famous of all. People call this cafe expensive yet visit there again and again as the food they serve and vibes of the place are incomparable. 

Recommendations- Tomato soup is one thing you will love in cold winters, you won't mind a coffee with a board game, White sauce pasta is very tasty here, Sizzling Brownie is highly recommended.
Where-  Mall road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 1300-1500

9.The Boat House Club

Boat House Club Nainital
Boat House Club Nainital

The boat house club is one of the oldest building of the Nainital. Not all people can sit inside the Boat House club. You must have a membership to enter. If you are going with a localite, then you can get entry with him if that person is a member, will also need to pay a little amount for entry.

Boat house club is located just next to the boating dock. The lake front seating is best part of the club. It has open seating, a seating for more than 50 people in open air just next to the lake. This Club is a royal property from the yesteryear of British rule. This club brings you, elite lakeside eating drinking and eating options. This will make you feel like you are on a cruise.

Now, the interesting part is, it just not offer you quality seating both indoor and outdoor. But you can also enjoy a game of cards or billiards there. And also they have library in the club, if you love to read books then your perfect destination could be this club.

I have been here for the new year's eve. And this place is perfect for that. You can have snacks, dinner, Alcohol. What more you need. But the best thing is lunch under the shine of the sun looking at the lake and mountains in the outer siting.

Recommendations- Indian cuisine, chinease is highly recommended as they offer all these at very reasonable prices. All the dishes are very tasty as well.
Where-  Nainital club road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  depends upon the type of cuisine and drinks you choose.

10. Sakley's Restaurant

Sakley's Restaurant and Pastry shop Nainital
Sakley's Restaurant Nainital

This is one of the oldest Restaurant and bakery shop in Nainital. On a prime location on the entrance of the Mall Road. It is famous for its pastries and Italian food. 

This is cute kind of restaurant. Taste is perfect variety of dishes is also amazing. The price is on a higher side. But I would say as this is one of the most famous and oldest cafe this is worth a try.

They have a large variety of Italian food, also it has bakery added in its name. So to justify that they have a variety of pastries that look so good that you won't be able to wait to eat those. Also, You can try their Coffee it is also a specialty of this place.

Coming to the conclusion, we can say that this restaurant have a brand name and it has justified name since ages. So, everything they offer is unique in itself and this must be in your bucket list when you visit Nainital at least once.

 Recommendations- Masala tea, Kit-Kat Shake, Banoffee pie, White sauce Pasta
Where-  Mall road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Cost for two-  INR 1000-1200.

So these were my picks of the restaurants and cafes to visit when you are Nainital. I hope this information helps you. Yet there are a lot of food joints that I have missed in this blog and they offer really amazing food as well. So, do not forget to mention your experience of Nainital and these cafe or restaurants. And if you feel I have missed any restaurant in this list do let me know if the comment section. So that our readers get few more in their list.

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