Nainital- exploring new places

 I have already wrote blogs about my trip to nainital and food outlets to try in Nainital. As you know being a native of the district I have visited Nainital multiple times.

Nainital city
Nainital city view

Most common part about visit is the scooty rides, begining with momos ending in any of the cafe, but what we do in between is more exciting. This time, will take you to a new adventure of exploring the places which are less explored and very few people know about it.

Things we know

So previously I told you about the one trail that leads to kilbury, which was a beautiful experience. If you not read it yet, You can read about this in Nainital trip. Also, we have a blog about food outlets in Nainital, click here to read. But there were a few places like nainital zoo, camel back, tiffin top, pangot which were missed in the previous blog as I had never visited to these places.

So, this time I visited Tiffin top to check out the place and the place was exceptionally beautiful. Wait, don't hurry up lets start it from the begining. First of all writing it after so long as was unable to travel much in past few months, as soon as I visited Tiffin top has started this blog. Before wasting much time lets discover what this place got.

The begining

So, it was a saturday morning, which means no office, no work and you have a whole day in your hand. I called my friend and asked him if we can visit somewhere so we decided to go to nainital, meeting time was 11:00 in the morning. I got ready and we rode towards the Nainital. And it was as gorgeous as it was for the last 50 times.

On the way to nainital
On the way to Nainital

The trees, the sunshine reaching roads through the gaps between trees and leaves, mountain on one side, trench on another and mountains all around. 

It took around 1 hour to reach Nainital, the beautiful like, a cold breeze was around better than Haldwani as it was getting hotter day by day in Haldwani. We were very hungry, when we reached Nainital so, first thing we did was to have some momos and then went further for exlooring this place.

Towards Tiffin top

Plus point I had while started towards this place that my friend used to study in Nainital till 10th. So, he had a lot of idea about the ways towards tiffin top and other points which are unexplored.

Last time we took a turn towards the high court when we went towards kilbury but this time we need to go straight by the side of nainital market. This road is just parralel to mall road on the other side of the lake.

The road towards tiffin top
The road towards tiffin top

So, we went towards the road towards the sherwood school. So, tiffin top is one of most heard places in Nainital but for new people it is not easy to find where it is as, it has a walking distance of around 4 kms. For those people there is also a ride service available just like in kedarnath yatra, you can avail this service at mallital (the entrance of Nainital).

We reached sherwood and rode a half km more to reach the end of the road, from there we had to walk for around 4 km as road was not built and it was inclined road, you would not be able to ride on that road that easily until and unless you have powerful bikes.

Towards tiffin top
On the way to tiffin top

The short trek

On the way the surrondings was beautiful, no sign of humans and animals, just tress and flowers all around the beautiful location, it was a bit tiring as well but the location made it much easier to climb.

We could only see few people who choose to take a horse ride from Mallital after the halfway, and some local people visiting these places from sherwood school.

Before merging to the road from Mallital there was a beautiful feild covered with tress as was looking so soothing and beautiful, that anyone could sit there for hours, or enjoy picnic time.

Somewhere in Nainital
Location on the way to tiffin top

It took us around 30-40 minutes walk to reach tiffin top, we also took our time shooting videos and clicking pictures but most of that was done while returning. We reached tiffin top got some snacks and water bottle from their and we could actually see some people sitting their enjoying the view.

The tiffin top

And the view was worth it, it was at a hieght from where we can see all the building in Nainital lake looked like a narrow river fromthat point.

View from tiffin top
Tiffin top view

Although it was a sunny day, yet the far away ranges were not visible. It is said on a lucky clear day, you can even witness himalayan ranges from that point, although i was not that lucky but I have a pic of that view which my friend shared with me.

So, we sat there for half an hour enjoyed the view, the cold breeze, the beauty of nature.

Nainital has lot more to be explored then people think, people think it is just a lake and few shops and cafe on the lakeside but there is a lot more you see in Nainital. You just need the right person to tell you what to do.

So, we walked down the way we came, it took more time as we stopped at places capturing pictures. It was overall amazing experience, felt like a mini trek, good for the first timers. Everyone can try this. 

Favourite food, still a better love story than anything else

After that we returned to mall road and after walking around 8 kms we were damn hungry. So, here we go to our favourite spot, cafe lakeside trying my favourite dish, the burritos. I have mentioned all about this in my blog - food outlets to try in Nainital

This was a well spent day, exploring a new place is always fun and if you have been to this place multiple times yet never visited this point. You even become more curious to visit there. This place will provide you the peace you need as there were hardly 20 people at the end point, the tiffin top. 

This is for the day, will be coming up with more stuff like this really soon.

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