Trip to Ramnagar

Ramnagar is a gateway for one of the most famous national park- "Corbett National Park". Apart from the National Park, Ramangar is also known for its amazing weather and resorts. If you love nature, you must put this place in your bucketlist.

After the exams of 2nd year me and my friends planned to visit my hometown Haldwani for a five day trip to places near by like Nainital, bhimtal and much more. 

Ramnagar was the last destination of our trip. It was the month of july and before the begining of the trip we knew that the weather forecast is showing rain for next 10 days but we still went on ignoring the weather forecast. Nainital, bhimtal and other few hill stations went smooth without witnessing much rain(I will write another blog for these hill stations). But when it comes to Ramnagar, it is totally a different kind of place.

Haldwani to Ramnagar

So, we woke up around 10:00 at my home and packed our rucksags, although Ramnagar is just 60 kms from haldwani we still wanted to stay for a night and also wanted to click some photographs wearing a rucksag. So we packed our rucksags with waffers and cold drinks.

We departed from Haldwani around 11:30 am and we estimated that it will take 2 hours for us to reach if we will stop at the Corbett museum.

Corbett Museum

It was a sunny day we drove to Corbett museum which is on the halfway of Ramnagar. We stayed there for 30 minutes as a group of 3 people we were only interested in photographs not the history.

Ramnagar trip
Corbett Museum is in a heritage bungalow of Edward James Jim Corbett, the renowned environmentalist, hunter as well as a front runner in the tiger conservation

Corbett museum consists of various images and belongings of Sir Jim Corbett you can see that belongings in the pictures below. After musuem we left for the corbett falls.

Corbett museum
Some photographs of Edward James Jim Corbett

We reached Corbett falls within no time but the entry for Corbett falls was closed due to heavy rain. We although tried to enter without the people at the gate noticing us but they caught us and aksed us not to go ahead as it is not safe at this moment.

We rode our scooty through forest towards our resort and it was just a perfect day blue sky, trees shinning bright, smell of mud all over the place, trees joining together forming an enterance gate, everything was perfect. I could ride on that road for whole day. As I said in my previous blog Journey is better than the destination.

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Haldwani to Ramnagar
Towards Ramnagar

Reached our resort in Ramnagar

We reached Ramnagar around 2:00pm and we decided to stay in resort for sometime before we go out and explore. Resort in which we stayed Corbett Aroma park Resort, had a swimming pool, TT table and ambience was lovely. So, we had a rucksag full of waffers we decided to eat few and jumped straight in the pool, we played in the pool took weird pics for about an hour and then went to explore the city as we have already booked the jungle safari for next morning.
Corbett Aroma park Resort
Corbett Aroma park Resort

Corbett aroma park resort
Corbett Aroma park Resort

Exploring Ramnagar

We first went towards the town to eat something and what we got a maggie point in our way I always recommend Bhimtal's maggie to everyone, but this Maggie point can match my love for Bhimtal's maggie. Uncle at the Maggie corner made a double masala maggie and we loved it so much that whenever I visit Ramnagar I make sure to visit that maggie point.

Maggie point
Maggie point on the enterance of resorts area of Ramnagar
After filling our tummy with tasty Maggie and a cup of tea we went towards the Kosi river bridge. The view from that bridge was amazing. It is well said, "One can find peace in nature's beauty." This quote sets well for the current scenario. It is hard to describe how I was feeling birds flying over the bridge, a beautiful river view and you just want to sit there as long as you can.

Kosi river bridge
Kosi river bridge, Ramnagar

Then we went to the river side and clicked few pics and sat there for some time just enjoying the beauty of nature. Every moment of this trip created a lot of memories. We saw a man fishing nearby, we touched the water and threw pebbles in river competiting against each other to throw as fas as possible. Everything seems perfect, right? But as mentioned in the begining Ramnagar was different it started to rain after some time and we have to ride back to the resort and spend some time in the resort playing TT.

Kosi river
Kosi River

Stories of tiger in the Tiger Kingdom

Rain stopped after some time and it was dinner time so we decided not to eat at resort rather go to a near by dhaba. Three people on single scooty went to the nearby dhaba (1 km away from the resort). By the time the owner was packing our food, we talked to the local people about the most famous animal of that region 'Tiger'. One person told me that they have seen Tiger on the same road around 2 years ago and it is not advisable to go out after 7 in the evening. These local people have some amazing stories about tigers, make sure to get in touch with localites to know new stories and post it in the comment section!

We took our packed food to the resort while returning we heard a voice from the other side of the road which and my friend started shouting - tiger!, tiger! And I increased the speed of scooty and reached the resort in no time. That is why I prefer travelling with friends as we create such memories that we can remember together and just smile.

After Dinner we sat by the side of pool at night absolutely doing nothing just sitting there and enjoying the weather before rain could spoil it all again.

Corbett Aroma park Resort
Corbett Aroma park Resort

We talked all night, excitement was on another level. We all were excited for Jungle Safari. It was late at night and we were supposed to wake up by 6am as the jeep was going to arrive by 6:30 am. So, I slept for about 3 hours and rest two decided not to sleep, using their phones.

Jungle Safari

I was excited in the morning until I opened the door and found out it has been raining all night. The driver arrived at 7:30 with jeep covered and it was still raining. We went to the Jim Corbett National Park and guess what, it was still raining. We were disappointed as we cannot see animals in rain as very few come out in open while it is raining but yet we could get a feel of off-roading on the roads of jungle and offcourse the endless rumoured story of the guides like 'we saw a tiger right at the enterace gate of the park' , "look that's the foot step of a tiger we will follow these and might see a tiger." 
Jim Corbett National Park

Many people saw a tiger in the park but chances are very less, you can only get a sight of tiger if you are lucky, we were not as it was raining. So, first half of our Jungle safari was spoiled by rain. But in second half while returning we got a sight of sun and asked the driver to take off the covering of the jeep and then we saw a few breeds of deer, monkeys, birds and also ogt a sight of very rare animal as told by our guide told us.  The animal was "Jackal". That I used to see in Haldwani in the outskirts of the city. We got sight of few peacocks as well as it was raining. 
I won't say that it was best of Jungle Safari but we had fun while talking to the guide, off-roading experience was amazing. But I suggest you not to visit in the month of july and august. Also go for Jungle Safari with a group of 5 atleast so that it costs less. As you have to book whole jeep for INR 4000 for as many people as you can fit in it.
Jim Corbett National Park
Resting point at Jim Corbett National Park

Saddest part- Returning back Home

Jeep dropped us back at resort and we packed our bags and left the place by 12:00 pm  visiting the same maggie point we visit on the first day. After having a tasty breakfast, we left for my hometown but it doesn't end here. Wherever we go rain follows, rain follwed us and we rode scooty in rain for around 30 minutes and then rain stopped. We took a pause at corbett museum and purchased some stuff from the shop at the corbett museum and then rode back to Haldwani.

Overall it was an amazing experience, although we regret wasting money for Jungle Safari, but we still enjoyed every moment of it. The most important ingredient of a perfect trip is a couple of friends with whom you can share anything, then you can visit any place, any time and still enjoy every moment of it.

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