Masala chowk- a paradise for foodies

Hello guys, hope you are doing good. In today's blog post, I am going to review one of the most amazing food courts- The Masala Chowk. I recently visited Jaipur and found this amazing place. This place is the ultimate paradise for foodies. I personally loved this place. There are almost 21 food shops in C-shaped alignment and at centre of that C-shaped structure is the sitting for people to eat. Everything which I tried was tasty with reasonable prices. So, today I am going to provide you with details about this place as well as give you a short review that will be helpful for your next trip to Jaipur.

Masala Chowk

Masala chowk
Masala Chowk, Jaipur

This place is enough for all days, you are in Jaipur as there are so many dishes that you can try, you do not need to go to any other place to try something. I tried a few different places but the taste of Masala Chowk was unparalleled. 

Masala chowk has 21 food booths, all serving a variety of food. The range depends upon shop to shop, but it won't cost more than INR 200 for any food item. And this is the maximum price. There is nothing more expensive than that. So, this place is pocket friendly and the overall taste of food items which I tried was amazing. No item felt like a waste. Everything was worth trying. The place also has its own parking space, so you do not need to worry about that. And entrance charge is also very less for Masala chowk (INR 10 per person).

Now we have a little idea about the place we will be reviewing the place on the following parameters-
  • Affordability
  • Taste
  • Ambiance/vibe
  • Variety
  • Presentation of food
  • Service

1. Affordability

While reviewing a cafe as well, we judge with similar points, and affordability is something which everyone wants to check first. If the place is pocket friendly, then it is easier to visit with family. 

Masala chowk seems to be the most affordable place as this place brings all the street food of Jaipur under a single roof. And all the food booths are best in their food items. You do not travel to different parts of Jaipur to find the most famous food, you get everything in a single place. This saves your cost of travelling around the city. Also, the food items are pocket friendly.

Some of the items which we ate were as low as-
  • Bedmi puri for INR 70/-
  • Special Moongdal Cheese Childa for INR 60/-
  • Special Dal Baati Choorma for INR 200/-
  • Chole Bhature for INR 120/-
  • Mojito for as low as INR 40/-
So, you can easily have lunch for two under INR 500, if you are eating a lot, as the quantity served is also good.

2. Taste

Food at Masala Chowk
Food at Masala Chowk

Moving to the second aspect, which I believe is the most important. I believe that if food is tasty and costly, then it is worth trying. But if it is not tasty, then it is a waste of money even if I spend a single ruppee on that. Talking about the Masala Chowk, the taste of the food is amazing. I tried a large variety of food here. And everything was top-notch. I was trying really hard to find something which was not tasty enough, so that I can mention that in the blog. so that you do not have to waste your money, but I couldn't find that. This place is amazing and everything you try is very tasty.

If you are a foodie, this place is something you need to explore. My top recommendations are the special Moongdal Cheese Childa (it was very tasty and also was presentable), Dal Baati Choorma (being the famous food item of Rajasthan, so, this one is a must try). I even loved Bedmi Puri adding great spices to the gravey, giving it a unique taste that is not commonly found in Delhi.

3. Ambiance/vibe

Masala chowk is not a cafe or any beautiful building, it is an open food court with no fans and air conditioners. If you have decided to visit on a hot summer day, then be ready to get grilled. 

Overall, the sitting is neat and clean, the place is little bit crowded but overall nice. We cannot call it amazing, but yeah it's just like eating near a food stall or truck. I won't give much score on Ambiance as it is okay, we can say 2.5/5, but in winters it feels really nice to sit there. Surrounded all over by food.

4. Variety

This is something Masala chowk is best at. 21 shops serving different variety of food and everyone is a specialist in their own work. You get one of the best food and variety here. So, in terms of variety, there is no better place in Jaipur. You get all the variety under one roof. What else do you want?

5. Presentation of food

This you can see from the pictures throughout the post, the food looks good, the food tastes good. You can ask for anything better. I tried this special moongdal Cheese childa and I was flattered on it. It looked so nice, and when I tasted it, it was equally tasty. Anything which is related to food, Masala chowk is best at it, whether it is taste, it is presentation or prices. Everything is amazing.

6. Service

In Masala chowk, you have to go to each stall to order the food and once it is prepared you have to go back to the stall and pick it up. So, there is no staff to serve food, only self-service is the only option, like any other food outlet like MCD, Domino's. 

So, this was the overall review of the place. I personally loved the place. Wherever I see tasty food, I automatically start liking the place. Do let me know in the comment section if I missed anything that should be included in the post.

Also, I am starting with the cafe review section from this post. Do check that out for more such cafes and food outlets in different cities.

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