Places to eat momos in satya niketan

Satya niketan

Momos are love. Everybody loves to eat momos. So, today I will take you to satya niketan, a food hub in south campus where you can get to eat anything you want. But our focus is on momos, today we will go to check various food points in satya niketan where you can grab some tasty momos at reasonable prices. Check out the list of places you can get one of the tastiest momos of Delhi.

1. Momo addiction

I am going to rank this place at number one, you can get one of the best momos of satya niketan at this place. If you are momos lover, you definitely need to visit this place once and grab some of the famous momos of Momo addiction.
Momo addiction menu
Momo Addiction Menu

I would suggest you to try Paneer Kfceez, Gravy momos, tandoori momos, afgani momos. 
These are my picks which I eat on a regular basis and these are damn tasty you cannot resist yourself from visiting this place at least once a week. I have visited 15 out of 30 days in a month. So, you can imagine the taste of all the varieties of momos.
Paneer Momos, paneer Kfc
Paneer KFC momos

Cost- INR 70 to 150 for one plate of different varieties.
Address- 58, Moti Bagh II, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Click here to visit on google.
Momos, tasty momos , creamy momos , Kfceez
Momos at Momo Addiction

2. Mom Hand Momos

 Mom hand momos as the name suggest these people serve the yummiest momos at very cheap prices as it feels like these are home made momos at very low prices. Mom hand momos is famous for its Gravy Momos, Fried Momos, Steam soya momos. They have great varieties of other food items as well will mention those in some other blog for sure. 
Mom hand momos, best momos
Mom Hand Momos

 I would suggest to try Veg momos, Gravy momos, soya momos and non veg momos as well. To be honest being a vegetarian, I have no idea about the taste but still you can give it a try and give the review in comment section.
 I have tried almost all veg momos at Mom hand momos, it is famous for its Gravy Momos so do try it. the gravy is very heavy and tasty, just a quick tip, begin with half plate as you might not be able to eat full, then you try to hate that heavy gravy, this is my personal experience.
Menu mom hand momos
Mom Hand Momos Menu
Cost: INR 30 to 100 is the range, as I mentioned above you don't need to pay much on this shop. 
 Address: Moti bagh II, satya niketan, south moti bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021.
Click here to visit on google.
Gravy momos
Famous Gravy Momos of Mom hand Momos

3. QD's Multicuisine Restaurant

Now lets move forward to a little expensive one. QD's is one of the main cafes of satya niketan and it is worth a visit, it has a wide variety of food and Momos in one of those. It has wide variety of Momos as well it has momos that you cannot imagine. Its price is worth the taste. And the ambience of QD's is amazing as well, nice music, perfect location l, perfect for a group party or a couple date.
QD's satya niketan
QD's Multicuisine Restaurent

I would suggest  Corn and Cheese Momos as I have tried those, these taste like pizza inside a momos. Also Afgani Momos and Tandoori Momos are worth a try. Those are tasty as well but corn and cheese is still my favourite of all.
Qd's cafe, momos at Qd's
Menu at QD's
Cost : price range for Momos is INR 189-200. So that is not to much to say and it is worth the price. 5 momos at 189 and you won't regret it with that kind of ambience.
Address:  294, Satyaniketan Market, near Venkateshwara College, Satya Niketan, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Click here to view on google.
Tandoori momos, cheese and corn momos
Tandoori momos

4. Road side Momos

Yes, you read that right road side Momos. There are small shops on the Road side of satya niketan. And all serves very tasty momos at very cheap prices. College students usually visit these road sides shops sometimes to eat momos as these also serves very tasty creamy momos. Good to grab these on low budget days. If you are college student from south campus, you must try these once. Atleast and trust you would go again to eat those.
Street food at satya niketan
Roadside momos

 My picks are Soya Momos and paneer gravy momos. As you do not have much options while trying on stalls and being a vegatarian you have only half option available. So these are my picks.
Momos, soya momos, veg momos
Cost: you won't need to carry more than INR 40 for a single plate. Cost ranges from INR 25-40 for different varieties.
Address: Satya Niketan, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Gravy momos, tasty momos , creamy Momos
Gravy Momos

5.  Chowringhee kathi roll

As the name suggests is famous for its kathi rolls but we are visiting here for momos. Chowringhee also serves decent variety of momos as well that you can try atleast once. They serve Tandoori momos, Veg streamed Momos, Afgani Momos, Chicken Momos.
Kathi roll corner, chowringhee , momos
Chowringhee menu

I would suggest Veg streamed momos and Afgani momos. For rest I still prefer the above provided options but you can try the non veg cuisine and suggest those in the comment section.
Momos at chowringhee, yummy, tasty momos
Momos at Chowringhee

Cost:  Range is between INR 70-180 for different varieties of momos.
Address:  Shop number- 93, opposite venkateshwara college, satya niketan road, satya niketan, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

 6. Crazy Kitchen Rooftop cafe

We get first reason to visit in the name of the cafe. It is a rooftop cafe, so you really want to visit here as it has amazing ambience you can sit there for hours and try different variety of food served there. Moving forward to momos which is our main focus, they serve steam Momos, Creamy Momos, tandoori Momos and Afgani Momos.
Momos, crazy kitche satya niketan
Crazy kitchen Roof Top cafe

I suggest you to try Steam Momos and Creamy Momos. These are their basic momos and are very tasty, as well they have very yummy pasta will right a blog soon for the same.
Momos, satyaniketan, cafe, crazy kitchen
Momos at Crazy kitchen

Cost: the range is between INR 180-260. This price is worth the ambience.
Address: 37, Satya Niketan Rd, Moti Bagh II, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Click here to visit on google.
Menu crazy kitchen rooftop cafe, cafe, tasty yummy food ,satya niketan , delhi
Menu at Crazy Kitchen


7. QRO Gourmeteriia

This is a Haloween themed cafe with good ambience, you can sit with bunch of friends and try some decent variety of food items. They serve all kind of food items including pasta, pizzas and variety of momos. They have basic Momos which are available on all the momos shops. But one eye catching item is QRO special chilli momos.
Cafe, hookah, momos, party , delhi , satya niketan
QRO Gortemeriia

I will suugest the one I havetested the eye catching one QRO spl. Chilli Momos.  That is alot of chilli but it is tasty you would love it and would want to visit again.
Cost:  Ranges from INR 150-160.
Address:  2, first floor, satya niketan, opposite venkateshwara college, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Cafe delhi , food , momos , love

So these were the few momo shop that I love to eat at. There are many more shops serving momos surely I haven't yet tried those or are not worth putting in this list.These were the few best cafes serving best Momos at satya niketan. Do let me know about more in the comment section. I wish this would be helpful for people new at satya niketan. For future blogs about different parts of Delhi and travel stories, do subscribe to my blog. 

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