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Hello guys, welcome back to the third blog of Rishikesh. We have already planned our visit to Rishikesh in previous 2 blog posts, we know where to visit, what all activities we can do, but we also need to eat while traveling, right? We cannot stay hungry for that long. How can I leave you clueless on this part. So, today we will check out the option of Cafe's we have while we are in Rishikesh, judging those on ambience and offcourse food.

So, here is the list of 5 cafe which are must try in Rishikesh. There are a lot of cafe, restaurants but I will be listing up those 5 which are in my bucket list for Rishikesh. So without wasting much time let's move on to the list.

1. Bistro Nirvana Cafe

Bistro nirvana cafe
Source: @Bistronirvana

This cafe is situated in Tapovan. If you remember from our previous post, Tapovan is the region between Ram Jhulla and Laxman jhulla where you can find hotels at moderate prices. So, we have our first cafe at this place.

This cafe is casual calm cafe under leafy trees offer vegetarian indian snacks and drinks. The taste of food is fine, but it is quite costly but the ambience pays it all. Cafe has both outdoor and indoor sitting available. In outdoor sitting you will see a lot greenery but won't get the river view as this cafe does not offer that.

Bristro nirvana cafe
Source: @Bistronirvana

The sitting of the cafe is quite unique and attractive. Ambience is nice. And good news for the non-veg lovers, this cafe also offers non-vegetarian food which is bit hard to find in Rishikesh.

Must try- Momos, Mama-mia Pizza
Cost for two- INR 500-800

2. OM Freedom Cafe

Om freedom cafe
Source: @omfreedomcafe

This cafe is near laxman jhulla which mean it offers you a riverside view with outdoor sitting. Cafe has amazing ambience both inside sitting as well as outside. Food is fantastic and affordable. Quantity is reasonable. 

View from rooftop is amazing. Inside sitting is also impressive offering japanese dine-in seats.
You can sit on the rooftop with view of Ganges, listening to the sounds of moving Ganges with tasty food. Cafe offer a variety of food, so you will be satisfied with the quality, quantity and the ambience as place is quite soothing.

Must try- Nachos, Burrito, Nuttela pancake
Cost for two- INR 400-600

3. The 60's Cafe

The 60s Cafe
Source : @60scafe

Also known as the Beatles cafe. This cafe is also in tapovan. Yet provides you a riverside view from the top which is amazing. You will surely love the ambience as the cafe has a theme based on Beatles band. In previous blog we found that Rishikesh has a history with Beatles band, they wrote most famous songs while meditating in Rishikesh. So, here is the cafè for all the beatles fans.

The 60s cafe
Source : @60scafe

They have closed inside sitting, open sitting in the garden like structure as well. Ambience is nice, food is also tasty. They serve food in good quantity and prices are also reasonable. So, place becomes a must try in Tapovan. Swedish Vegan Burger is a speciality of this cafe. So, this is a must try.

Must try- Swedish vegan burger, pancakes, vanilla watermelon
Cost for two- INR 500-700

4. Cafè Karma

Cafe karma
Source: @karmacaferishikesh

The cafè is located in Tapovan, hence there is no riverside view. The ambience of cafè is nice antique objects are nicely ued to decorate the place. Seats are also old but that matches with the theme making it a perfect use of antiques to make this cafe look attractive and this looks really attractive.

Cafe karma
Source: @karmacaferishikesh

You will find creativity all around as the decor of the cafe is very decorative, apart from this the quality and quantity of food is nice. Prices are also reasonable. Staff is nice and friendly and if you want suggestion to travel you can take help of them, they are very friendly. But wait, why would you need them, you got me, checkout my blogs of Rishikesh here at one place.

Must try- White sauce pasta, spinach n corn sandwich.
Cost for two- INR 400-500

5. The Ganga view cafe (restaurant)

Ganga view cafe
Source: @Ganga_view_cafe

The last but not the least is the Ganga view cafe and as the name suggest this cafe offers you a river side view. This cafe is near to the terah manzil temple. You can read about it in my previous blog.

The cafe is probably a restaurant serving multi- cuisine options with a good view, Simple decor. As the cafe is simple and serves tasty food with low prices, yes, the cafe is very budget friendly. You can enjoy a full Ganga special Thali for INR 280. And the Thali is enough for two.

Must try- Ganga special Thali
Cost for two- INR 300-400

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