8 Places to visit in Jaipur

Jaipur, built in the 18th centuary was the first planned city in India. And it indeed looks well planned. Broad roads, well constructed monuments and buildings that still look new. Centuries have passed but the city is still very beautiful. Jaipur is also known as the pink city of India because of the colour of the stone used for the buildings. 

Jaipur the pink city of India

Jaipur the pink city of india
Jaipur city

Jaipur is the largest city of Rajasthan and is the capital of the state as well. The city is full of history, culture, ancient technology and traditional food. Jaipur has everything to offer, whether it is good food, good accommodation, good roads to drive on, eye-grabbing views, a lot of forts giving you a glimpse of the life of the kings who ruled these regions, hills and a lot more.

So, we are going to hunt down the places you must not miss while visiting Jaipur when you visit for three to four days. As Jaipur has a lot to offer and it is possible that you will miss out a lot of stuff, but it is fine because there should be something left to pay a visit again. Before listing down the places to visit, we must discuss about a good time to visit. The weather here is quite hot in summers and moderate in winters. So, a good time to visit is between November and February. So, that you do not feel very hot and it is good to roam around the city in moderate weather.

So, I will be listing down my top picks to visit in Jaipur. I won't be listing everything as it is not possible to cover everything in a single trip. A quick tip, make sure you rent a bike or scooter as soon as you enter the city, otherwise it will be very expensive and hectic to travel around the city. Now, without wasting any further time, lets move on to the list.

1. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal

One of the most famous and attractive monument of Jaipur is Hawa Mahal. Everyone knows about it as we have been looking at it for ages in our general knowledge books. The place is very hyped and everyone wants to have a good picture standing in front of this monument. But it is quite tough to get a good picture as the monument is on the main road where there is a lot of traffic and crowd.

You can still get a good image from the other side of the road. Also, there are couple of rooftop cafe opposite of Hawa Mahal that give you a perfect place to sit and get a perfect view of this historical place. These cafes are very expensive. You won't get anything worth the price apart from scenic views and good pictures of the monument.

Many of the visitors may just think this is a building we can just look at from outside and take pictures. I also didn't knew about the entrance of the Hawa Mahal. You can go inside the Hawa Mahal by getting a ticket. I would suggest you to take a composite ticket which will cover a lot of nearby monuments. The view from Hawa Mahal is even better when you are inside and looking out of one of the windows. And the view from the top is also vmscenic and picture perfect. Moreover, you get a chance to explore the historical architecture of the country.

2. Albert Museum

Albert museum
Albert Museum

One of the most beautiful places in Jaipur. It is outside the pink city region but this place has its own significance. It has a lot of space for people standing and there are a lot of pigeons sitting there. People stand outside clicking pictures and videos with pigeons. The museum looks very big from outside shaped like a royal palace and we are also allowed to enter the place.

This also gets covered in the composite ticket. There are a total of 8 monuments covered in the composite ticket and composite ticket costs comparatively less. When you visit this place you need atleast 4 hours to explore this place. This place has a lot to offer. You will find different types of paintings, weapons, clothes, armor, musical instruments and a lot more. These are the stuff which was used by kings and the local people of Jaipur. 

Also, there is a mummy present in the museum that gives you very spooky vibes. Apart from this, the place is very well built. You can find a lot of people shooting for their pre-wedding at this place. The place is a picture perfect with a lot of historical stuff.

3. City Palace

City palace, Jaipur
Credits: @rjphotography2149

The City Palace is another tourist attraction that will make it to this list. The palace is beautiful in the centre of the city. It is near hawa mahal and Janatar mantar in the main town of Jaipur. You will see big queues for the entry passes near this place as here you get composite passes for the places you can visit in Jaipur and City Palace is one of those.

A beautiful built palace with a lot of rajput and mughal touch. The place looks even more perfect due to surrounding. The front area of the palace has beautiful gardens just like the Albert museum. This place also provides you with a museum, art galleries, royal residencies.

The palace is embraced with rajputana culture and their style of living, which will surely get you back to the glories history of rajputanas.

4. Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar

I personally feel this is the most attractive and interesting place to visit in Jaipur. As the place offers various astronomical tools of the time back in when kings ruled. You can find various tools like tools to measure time using the sunlight with the shadows and a lot more.

So, the place basically digs you down to the time when you had no GPS trackers or smartphones and the lives of people living in that time the machinery they used. So, this place is more for the science lovers, but it has something unique to offer for everyone. It isn't just attractive to click some pictures, but moreover to know better about our own country that maybe our history books couldn't.  This place has also been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, so, surely this place deserves a place in your list too.

5. Nahargarh fort

Nahargarh Fort
Credits: @rjphotography2149

This is the place you must be familiar with, one of the most chanted tourist attractions that everyone wants to visit when in Jaipur. This place is around 9 km from the hawa mahal area. The road towards Nahargarh fort is very attractive, taking you out of the buzz of the city to an isolated place. Moreover, give a hilly road as roads start getting steaper as this fort is at a certain hieght which so that it is not easily attacked. 

One can go to the top of the fort and can get a very beautiful and picture-perfect view of whole Jaipur city. The fort is at such a hieght that it gives you a perfect view of the city. Also, the architecture of the fort attracts tourist. Nahargarh fort shares its boundaries with the Jaigarh fort. Both served the same purpose, to protect the city of Jaipur built in Aravali hills, so that Jaipur can be overlooked from a height. Both the forts were built by Maharaja sawai Jai singh, but the name of Nahaegarh fort was later changed. It is said that Nahar is meant for Nahar singh Bhomia, whose spirit haunted the place and obstructed the construction of the fort.

The pace is a must visit while you are in Jaipur. It gives you amazing views and a good view of how these raja used to live. So, when you are visiting Jaipur this place must be there on your bucket list.

6. Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort
Jaigarh fort

We have already mentioned this fort in the above head. This one was also built by Maharaja Jai Singh to protect the city of Jaipur. Both the city and the fort are named after the Maharaja. This is another tourist attraction. The fort served a purpose of protecting the Amer fort, which is also known as Amber fort. The fort was originally built to protect the Amber fort. It is not a palace in itself, just a defence system for another Palace.

The fort is just 3 kms long. It has a musuem, weapons, kawachs and a lot more. Also, there is a canon in the fort which is named as the Jaivana Canon, which was the biggest Canon of that time, which makes this another attraction at this place. This place shares boundaries with the Nahargarh Fort, and it is connected with the Amber fort through a Passage. You also explore this place and have a good view of Amber fort as well from Jaigarh fort.

7. Amber Fort

Amer fort
Amber fort

Next we move to the Amber fort or the Amer fort. The way towards the fort is again very attractive and beautiful. A ride through the hilly roads covered by trees and giving you a quite a good look of the Aravali ranges. The fort is very huge, one would need a lot of time to visit this place. It has a lot of paintings and texts throughout the passage. A lot of small stalls with a lot of attractive stuff.

Some talented people showcasing their talents. And the most famous light and sound show in the evening. This is something no one wants to miss. You would need to check in advance if the light and sound show is in operation or not as they shut it down when the city is very crowded. The fort is very well built and is very beautiful. You will really love this place.

8. Masala Chowk

Masala chowk
Some glimpse of food at masala chowk

Moving forward to another popular place, but not for history and architecture. This is, moreover, for the foodie part. To all foodies, this is the place meant for you. The place has a lot of shops that serve very tasty food. There is a sitting area in the centre. You can get all kinds of food here, talking about the traditional food of Jaipur or smoothies or ice cream. This place serves everything at a very affordable rate.

The food items are tasty, affordable and well presented. There are a lot of items that you can taste, try and you will love the taste. When I visited Jaipur, I ate all the time at this place. I tried multiple shops, multiple food items. And everything was perfect. So, next time you visit Jaipur, do keep this place on your bucket list.

So, that's all folks. That is all from my list. For Jaipur the list is never ending. There are a lot of monuments, a lot of places that attract tourists which are not in this list. You can also try different places. I will cover more of the other places in my future blogs, so, keep reading and do not forget to hit the subscribe button.

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