5 mistakes everyone should avoid while visiting Nainital

The summers are here and everyone from the central part of the country or hotter parts of India are looking to visit hill stations, which are cooler compared to the metro cities. And the easiest places to visit are the weekend gateways like Nainital, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Shimla and Manali, which are not too far from Delhi.

During the summer season, a lot of people visit these places, which leads to a lot of crowds in these areas. And instead of enjoying their trip, most people get stuck in the traffic for around 2-3 hours just next to the hill station and this spoils their trips.

Cafe lakeside, Nainital

Everyone wants a perfect trip. At least I believe everyone wants it because I always go plan for this stuff. So a few mistakes that people can avoid while they are planning their trip to Nainital are listed in this blog and I hope this blog finds you and helps you in planning an amazing trip that will be memorable for you and your families. I have already discussed about the things you can do in Nainital, in multiple blogs. So, without wasting any time on the same stuff, let's jump to the list of those mistakes that a lot of people make and how to avoid those. I have shared the link for the blog post regarding planning trip to Nainital that you can refer.

1. Visiting Nainital on weekends

This is the very first and most common mistake people make while visiting Nainital or hill stations near Nainital, visiting it at weekends. Trust me guys, you won't be able to enjoy yourself at the weekends as you will see crowds wherever you go. Everyone is fed up with hot summer days and wants to visit hill stations to relax, enjoy and try some activities, but you won't be enjoying if the place is too crowded. 

Nainital market

However, the solution is planning your trip in weekdays as the hill stations are less crowded on weekdays as more people tend to visit when there is a long weekend coming up, so, they do not have to take leaves. I would suggest, if you can take some leaves or can adjust your workdays by working on weekends, then you can have a great trip. The number of people visiting on weekdays is comparatively less, which means less traffic as well.

2. Staying in Nainital

Moving to the second most important point which people plan ahead of visiting is where to stay. If you plan to book resorts or hotels in Nainital, you can book those, but this will again lead to facing traffic jams as Nainital is already crowded, and parking issues are very common. You can get a parking space far away from your hotel, which leads to a mini trek from your hotel to the parking lot. 

Nainital market

Apart from the parking issue, the prices are also very high in peak seasons, so, be ready to spend some extra bucks on everything. The budget is something which everyone keeps in mind while travelling, at least I do. Do not worry, I can save you from this mini-trek and high-budget stays. Every problem has a solution.

Haldwani city

It is a lot better to book a stay either in Bhowali or Haldwani. Bhowali is a less developed area with a lot of hotels, homestays and resorts. You can get good hotels on a low budget here. Also, this is not far away from both Nainital and Bhimtal. It is in between both the Hill stations. So, this can even cut down your travelling costs. Booking a stay in Haldwani could be much more economical as this is the last stop before you enter the mountains. Everything is available here that you need. And you can choose hotels, hostels and homestays according to your budget.

3. Travelling to Nainital in the daytime

Another one of the major issues which spoils your trip. Most people leave Delhi early in the morning around 5 a.m, and by the time they reach Haldwani, it's already 12:00 pm. And they see big lanes of cars moving very slowly. This traffic usually takes 2-3 hours to get you past it. 

So the solution to this problem is also combined with the second one. Book a stay in Haldwani and you can try a few eating points and cafes in Haldwani, and then next morning you can visit Nainital. Again, leave early in the morning around 6 am, otherwise you will again get stuck in traffic. This way, you have a full day to enjoy yourself in Nainital. And you can leave late at night, to avoid traffic.

4. Travelling by car

Parking issue in Nainital

Moving to another problem that we have already discussed. If you visit Nainital by car, you have to pay for parking space, and it is very hard to find a parking space, whereas bikes can be easily parked anywhere and it is easy to ride a bike in traffic. I personally prefer renting a bike, when I have reached the destination as it makes it easier to ride around the city and more economical. 

Visiting Nainital by scooty

If you are staying in Haldwani, you can easily rent a bike or scooty as per your convenience and reach your destination within an hour. And you do not need to worry about traffic and parking space as that won't be a problem while you are on a two-wheeler.

5. Research before visiting

Last but not the least, researching about the place before leaving. Planning is important part of execution, that is what we studied in 11th standard, and it makes a lot of sense. You must not be aware of all the places you should cover in a particular place. So, Try looking for travel bloggers on instagram or you can read travel blogs, check out some vlogs to do research about the places to visit or you can even hire a local guide in Nainital, but planning before leaving is something very helpful and makes it a better experience for you. An unplanned trip could turn out to be beautiful, but you cannot rely on that all the time. So, to plan your trip, keep above points in mind, checkout my other blogs on Nainital and plan your trip ahead!

Hope this blog helps you to plan a perfect trip and create such memories that will put a smile on your face each time you look back at the pictures of the trip!

Also, one more point I would like to highlight: keep the place clean, do not throw plastic bottles and wrappers here and there. So that, you can visit same place again and feel the same beautiful place that you saw years ago!

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