Adventure sports in Rishikesh

Rishikesh known as the yoga capital of the world. It is also famous for its adventure sports and activities. We have already talked about the places to visit in Rishikesh, if you have missed do not forget to check here

Rishikesh- the yoga capital of world
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Moving forward to the other aspect about Rishikesh which is its adventure activities. So, in this blog we will discuss about adventure activities that you can try in Rishikesh. Where to go for camping and the places in the outskirts that we haven't mentioned in the previous blog.

Without wasting much time let us began with the out list of the activities that we have in our bucket list and all the other options we can try. So, when we talk about Adventure activities in Rishikesh, the first thing we look for is camping in Rishikesh. This heads us to our first activity that is camping in Rishikesh.

Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is famous for its beautiful campsites and most of the camps are resort area in the Shivpuri region of Rishikesh. Shivpuri is 16 km away from the main town Rishikesh there you have a lot of resort areas where you can go for camping. The prices of the camp location may vary. As you look for more luxurious camp the price increases.

Camping in rishikesh
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Stay at a good decent campsite at shivpuri may cost INR 1500- 3000 and some may even cross INR 5000. So, the resorts have a variety of camps available, additionally, they may offer additional stuff like rafting including. 

A camp ranging from INR 1500-3000 can be considered as a good campsite and it must offer you decent ambience, a private pool facing mountains, a dj night and bonfire. You can get a thrilling experience while staying at camps, but if you choose an expensive camps the stay becomes more convenient and less challenging.

You have numerous options to select perfect place for camping. Prices may vary for occasions like holi party and other festivals. Make sure you pick the perfect camp that suits your requirements as well as try to contact the camp incharge/manager directly for prices as price may vary on different websites.

River Rafting

River rafting rishikesh
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River Rafting is the sport which everyone wants to do it once and most of the people visit this place for river rafting. So, this is the first one in our list that you cannot miss.

There are 3 types of rafting offered to tourists, smallest one is 8 kms, then comes 16kms and 24kms being the longest one. Most of the people visiting Rishikesh prefer 16km rafting session as it is most convenient. Additionally if you do not have a whole group it is easy to group you with majority doing 16km rafting. In case you select 24 km, then it takes time to group you with other people as fewer people select this option.

River rafting rishikesh

Moving to the cost, river rafting cost varies from INR 500- 1000 for 16km rafting. This may vary from broker to broker, your camp managers may charge you more for this. In this cost cliff jumping is also included. So, make sure to ask them about the details. As the starting point of this rafting is Shivpuri and ending point could be laxman jhulla (this may vary). So you need to confirm the details in advance to make it clear.

Cliff jumping

As mentioned above cliff jumping is part of the package that you purchased for river rafting, so, do not hesitate to try this. Everyone must have watched that amazing cliff jump in malang and would have wanted to just jump into a river from a cliff. They provide you life saving jackets and proper protection is provided.

Cliff jumping rishikesh
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Since this is in your package, you must try this. Overcome your fear and jump into the river and see yourself smiling after you come out of the river. When you are there for an adventure sports you must try them all.

Mountain biking

If you wish you can also hire a mountain bike on daily basis and travel throughout the city or ride in the outskirts of the town discovering new places on a mountain bike. Riding mountain bikes on mountains is always a pleasant experience, you feel the nature, you even get exhausted. But at last the result will be worth it.

Mountain biking rishikesh
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We all want to ride a mountain bike but it is not possible as we find it tiring in summer season in our city region, but you can do this in a hilly area as you won't feel that tired. Cold breeze will continuously hit you throughout your ride.

Bungee jumping

One of the highest bungee jumping points in india is in rishikesh. Bungee jumping in rishikesh in run by ex-army officers and experts from new zealand. The team is called jumpin heights offer you a bungee jump from a height of 83 meters. This is the highest point in india. And safety here is considered as top priority.

Bungee jumping rishikesh
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Ever imagined jump of a height and land safely on the ground then you can live this heroic moment here. Since, this sport is risky and experts are there with all the safety measure. This makes the activity a bit expensive. There are several fees like entry fees but main charge for bungee jumping is INR 3600 additionally a entrance fees of INR 100, but trust me this is all worth trying. So, when you are in Rishikesh looking for adventure, you don't want to miss this one.

Waterfall rappelling

Climbing on a waterfall doesn't it sounds exciting. Everyone does rock climbing or rock rappelling but waterfall repelling in another kind of experience.

Both the rappelling the rock one or waterfall are done near the neergarh waterfall this make us to include this place in our bucket list as well. The rappelling costs start from INR 1000-2000, due to different type, but it is surely and exciting experience which is a must try.

Neergarh waterfall

As mentioned above this has been included in our list as we want to go for waterfall rappelling. In case you do not want to experience waterfall rappelling. Yet this place must be in your bucket list, this is one of the unexplored place, not much of the tourists are aware of not everyone visit this place. So sitting by a waterfall which is less crowded is the real peace.

Neergarh waterfall rishikesh
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This place is somewhere between laxman jhulla and shivpuri. You need to do a 4 km trek to reach neergarh waterfall.  Everyone loves to go for a trek in beauty of nature. So, this is the thing you would love to do, after rafting go for a trek to Neergarh waterfall and enjoy there. You can even take a bath at this place it is totally allowed.

Rock climbing

We have a lot of options of adventure sports in Rishikesh and rock climbing is one of those. Climbing on mountain under the guidance of experts with all the safety measure. Doesn't it sound so much fun. Yes, it is trying out different things challenging your own limits is always a fun.

Rock climbing rishikesh
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Cost for this as well varies from INR 500-1500. So if you have good budget plan you can surely try this as well.


Kayaking is done in a lot of places I have done that in bhimtal, and I do that on a regular base. When you have tried river rafting, i don't think you will go for kayaking as well. But kayaking is a lot different experience from rafting. Alone on a plastic boat in between of a river and rowing the boat to the final destination. It scares you in the beginning but it looks like a lot fun when you try doing this.

Kayaking rishikesh
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Cost for this in Rishikesh is a but expensive. However, i have done this in bhimtal for just INR 300. Price varies from different experts, make sure to compare the prices before going for it. The cost ranges between INR 700-1500.

So, here it comes to the end. The list of the adventure activities you need to try. So, by the end of second blog you know the places to visit in rishikesh that must take at least 2 days to cover them all. And if you try all the activities you still need 2 days 1 night in the camp to enjoy everything and do not rush.

Soon, I will let you know the restaurants and cafe you need to try in rishikesh. So stay tuned for the future updates. Do click on the follow tag to follow me and get updates.

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