Hustle for best Chole Bhature in Delhi

Delhi has a lot to explore and food is one of those. From the tasty street food to well presented tasty food in a 5-star or cafe. Today, I will tell you the story of my hustle to eat this most famous Sita Ram Diwan Chand Chole Bhature.


Food at Delhi
Delhi Food

As mentioned in my previous blog, "Exploring Delhi" about famous Chole Bhature at Paharganj. These chole Bhature are a must try and our group being students in Delhi also wanted to try these. This is the story about our hustle for these famous chole Bhature and experience of that day.

The planned outing which never happened

When I was in my 2nd year someone suggested me to visit Sita ram Diwan Chand to eat there most famous Chole Bhature at Paharganj. I asked my friends to visit there some day but every time some one refused to it due to some reasons. The plan was never happening.


Sita ram diwan chand
Sita Ram Diwan Chand

It is always said the unplanned trips or visits are best, because planned one's never happens. Same was our case, year ended and our group changed and we forgot about visiting there as we were in final year, everything was new to us. Yet again someone again reminded us of the same food outlet and my desire to visit there came back to life.

Another try

So, we decided to visit Sita Ram this time, with a new group and again we were not able to find a perfect day to visit as someday, everyone is not available on the same day. Sometimes, everyone is ready but we have class test. This was a spinning circle. After that there was a mid-sem break in the march, the same month in which later on lock-down was announced. 

We had a plan to visit Paharganj after the mid-sem break but mid-sem got extended and we were not sure when it is going to end. So, two of us who were in Delhi planned to visit Paharganj and next day we ate those delicious plate of Chole Bhature which was in our bucket list since so long.

Visiting Paharganj

I was in Gurgaon and other person was in Noida, so, we decided to meet at CP, which was one station away from Paharganj. We had a plan to ride yulu bikes from CP to Paharganj.

I reached a bit early and got to know that Yulu Bikes are not available to rent at CP. So, I called up my friend to leave metro one station earlier so, that we can get our Yulu Bikes there.

Yulu bike
Yulu bike

We decided to get Yulu bikes from Barakhamba Road metro station. I haven't seen Yulu Bikes in that condition anywhere else. No bike was charged few were broken. Somehow, we found two working but still it was not connecting with my friend's phone.

It felt like this plan is also seems like not happening but after trying for few minutes it connected. And we started to ride towards Paharganj.

Yulu ride began

We started riding towards paharganj, it was the month of March. It was a decent sunny day, not too hot, not too cold. And the best part was Delhi's traffic. Riding yulu bikes and everyone is staring like we are from a different planet. 

It was around 3-4 kms from Barakhamba road. We went towards pahaganj via CP. Riding at CP is fun, those big roads with decent traffic yet, you need to follow all the traffic rules.

So, we reached R.K. ashram Marg metro station which was nearest to Paharganj. Sita Ram Diwan Chand is 700m away from the station. Also, there were those narrow roads, with a lot of people walking around in that market. And riding through them was a great fun.

Reached Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Reaching this place was a real tear-jerker, we have been waiting for this moment since so long. We were quite satisfied by reaching at the place. There were many shops by the same name near to it, but the real one shine differently among all. So, a quick tip, do not stop on the first one until you find the most crowded and eye- catchy shop. That will be the real one.

The delicious food

So we parked our yulu went inside and placed the order, the most famous food item of that place, chole bhature and lassi. Although, that is not the only item they serve but this is the one thing people visit to eat there.

Chole bhature
Chole Bhature at Sita ram Diwan Chand

The service was fast they didn't asked us to wait much, the food was ready in 10 minutes, the prices are affordable and worth to the taste. The qualify was good as well, less oil, good smell. Simply these were the best one could find at such price.

Talking about the food, the bhature was stuffed with paneer and a mixture, which I was not able to understand what it was but it was very tasty. The bhature were not also very oily as well as those were two big bhature, the one plate is enough but it tastes so well that you will ask for more. We loved it so much that we ordered one extra plate sharing one bhatura each.

The chole or we can say channa was a perfect combination of spices and vegetables. Everything about the channa was perfect. This shows their experience and brand name. Sita ram diwan chand are serving chole bhatre since 1950. And that is the taste you won't get any where. The chole bhature are damn tasty that you will love to eat as much as possible but, you can only last to one or two plates only.

We were so satisfied with the taste it was very yummy the wait seemed to be worth it. And betraying rest of the group as well. I did not wanted to live with a regret of missing that as this lock-down never ended.

Yulu ride continues

After our tummies were filled and we had no plans at all and there was a lot of time left, so we decided to ride yulu towards India gate as I mentioned in my previous blog, "Exploring Delhi" , that India gate is the best place to ride yulu bikes. So, we rode our bikes towards India gate.

Yulu bikes
Restarting our Yulu ride

The ride was amazing as usual, people staring at us, those empty roads, riding on the footpath all was amazing. The 3-4 km distance looked so nice on those bikes. 

The day was memorable, few incidents made it more memorable. My friend's bike handle was loose and not working fine. At the speed breaker the bolt came out. I was still riding until I looked back and saw him fixing it. These small things happening every outing is what makes it memorable.

Reached India Gate

After all this we reached India gate it was looking as beautiful as always. Riding on the roads towards Rashtrapati Bhawan and back to India gate was lovely. But after riding for this much time we were tired so, we left our yulu at the nearby stop and decided to get one again after sometime.

Yulu ride at India Gate
Yulu ride at India Gate

So, we clicked few pics there, sat in the park for sometime. After that we decided select a better yulu which do not have any issue. We tried to rent a Yulu but it wasn't working as there was network and my phone battery was low as well, we tried for around 30 minutes on different bikes but it didn't worked. So, we decided to quit it and decided to take a leave.

Rastrapati Bhawan
Yulu ride near Rashtrapati Bhawan

So, we went back to the metro station, he left for Noida, I left for Gurgaon. And who knew that would be our last meet before this lock-down.

All over the day was amazing. We ate tasty food, yulu is something which I enjoy always. Above all that which I mention a lot, good company is important. And that was it, good food, good company makes a day a perfect memorable day.

I still think what if we have decided for the whole group to be back for that yulu ride and bhature, I would have one more regret added in my list amongst others.

We can say the chaole bhature of Sita Ram diwan Chand is very tasty and are muct try.

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