Delhi to Murthal-a perfect day out

If you are a Delhite, you must have travelled to Murthal numerous times and if you are new to Delhi you surely would want to, so lets get a glimpse of our day at murthalπŸš—

A famous writer once said "journey is better than the destination". I don't know who said it but the thing is that this turns out to be true in most of the cases, you miss journey more than the destination.

The Journey Begins

If you are a student and want to have a day out at murthal so first question comes out how to reach there?
Best way is to book a car keeping in mind you have a friend who knows how to drive, you can use various apps like zoomcar, revv etc. 
So we booked a Mahindra Scorpio from Zoomcar picked it up from North Delhi to avoid Delhi traffic. We gatthered at Vishwavidhalya Metro station where our friend was wating with the day's ride.

Delhi to Murthal
Scorpio booked from zoomcar app

Caught by the Police

A group of Nine friends inside a single car and a good playlist to make the journey easy along with few eatables, I could not think anything better than that. It was a two hour drive from Delhi to Murthal, everything was going smooth but when you are in India you always face one issue-the police.

They stopped our car halfway to murthal alongside there was one more zoom car on the same route which was stopped and they asked us to pay the permitt tax for travelling outiside the state and there were the guidelines from the company that it is paid. It is around INR 3000, equaling our total amount spent for the car. So we had a word with police and zoomcar, the result was we need to pay the amount, so we guys were discussing a plan to escape while police was talking to the guys from the other car. When you are with friends, you always have to make such plans otherwise I doubt if you people are friends.

Before we could end our discussion, the policeman came to us and asked us to pay INR 100 and leave. We asked the guys from the other car that they paid the same amount or not. This resulted in wasting 100 bucks and half an hour of discussion of that hot weather in the month of May.
Delhi to Murthal
On the way to Murthal

No Space in Amrik Sukhdev

We drove towards Murthal enjoying few chit chat sessions and good music (this is important ingredient). The drive was simple a stright road no turns, i must say no traffic as well. We reached Murthal around 3:00 PM planned time was 2:00 PM. I suggest you to try this trip at night as you can beat the heat factor. 

Everyone visiting Murthal wants to eat at Amrik Sukhdev, so were we, but that place was over crowded and we could not get a parking space as well. So, we decided to go to Garam Dharam and I believe we made the right choice.

Garam Dharam- The backup

Garam Dharam, Murthal
Garam Dharam Dhaba, Murthal

This restaurent or we can call it a Dhaba has great ambience based on sholay as the name suggest Garam Dharam referring Dhrmendra.
There were Sholay famous dialgues were written on walls, a jeep from the movie and the famous bike of jai and veeru where you can click pics with your besties.

Delhi to Murthal

Garam Dharam, Murthal

Ambience- Garam Dharam

Apart from all this the theme was village based you could see khaat everywhere at the place to sit and eat. Now, we have come to my favourite part food and everyone knows Murthal is famous for its Parathas. The perfect way to take the desi feel, sitting on the khaat, having big plate sized parathas with a lot of butter on it and that too home made butter at affordable rates is the perfect match.
Food at Garam Dharam
Food at Garam Dharam

Outskirts of Delhi Drive!

With full tummies and a lot of memories we left Murthal but it is not the end. We had a lot of time left so we went to outer delhi to a lovely place which is also called the a copy of bandri woli bridge and we saw a perfect senset there. At sometimes you just want to look at the setting sun sitting at a place and this is exactly what we did.
At last we parked our car from the location we picked it up.  A quick tip you need to lock the zoomcar with keys left inside the car.
We used sharing auto to visit back to the metro stations and thats how we made that day memorable.

 Looking at all the pics we clicked i still relive that day sometimes. And i must say if you have not visited Murthal yet and you are studying in DU, you must visit there once, you will surely wait to have a visit again.

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