Must try Café in Satya Niketan, Delhi

Satya Niketan, Delhi

We are back with our another blog regarding Satya Niketan. Satya Niketan is a hub for the College students to party, Get together, PG's, and daily routine stuff including food, grocery and study Material as well. Satya niketan is located opposite to Shri Venkateshwar College. And has everything what a student needs.


Satya niketan
Satya niketan market

We have already talked about places to eat momos in Satya Niketan. There were a lot of small momo stalls, cafe only selling momos. But today we will be talking about cafe which is a must visit for parties and get together. We eat regularly from many food joints but cafe are the places, we visit on some occasions. So, one always looks for a cafe which has good Ambience, tasty food and affordable price.

It is really hard to choose a cafe that fits all three criteria. So, today I will make it easier for you to make a choice. 

So, without wasting much time lets move to our list.

1. Big Yellow Door (BYD)

Satya niketan
Pasta and onion rings

Big yellow door as the name suggests, the entrance of the café has a big yellow door and you can find this one easily among the other cafes. This one is at the end of the Satya Niketan. A big yellow door anyone can see that from a distance. 

It has cozy ambience, a bit dark kind of interior with very less light but that suits the theme of an old house in village with flowers everywhere, bricks showing at lower area. So, overall it is nice but people complaint a lot about the dark theme, making it difficult to click pics. So, they have second floor open not with a big window where you can sit with friends under the nature light.

Satya niketan
Cheesy french fries

Moving forward to food. Food is very delicious and well presented. Food looks attractive and at very decent prize. The Cafe is very pocket friendly. And they have a large variety of items in their catalog you would love to try.

BYD has a lot of branches in Delhi. So, you can try anyone nearby, people studying in south campus and living in Satya Niketan this is a must visit place for you.

Where: H 8, Satya Niketan Rd, Opp. Venkateswara College, Moti Bagh II, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Must try: Roasted paneer tikka pizza, Onion rings, can pick any Mojito of your choice
Cost for two: INR 700-900

2. Echoes Cafe

This one is one of my favorites, I love the theme, the concept, vibes, Ambience. Everything here has something special in it. Talking about the concept, they have recruited physically challenged staff which is a very good initiated and make this place more special. The staff here are deaf and you have to press a button available on all the tables that blink all the lights hung in the cafe. You have to mark code number of a list to place the orders from the menu and provide that to the staff.

Satya niketan
Echoes Café

Apart, from this amazing initiative which attracts people the ambience of the place is price less. Those bulbs hung to call the staff looks beautiful. As well as it is an old themed cafe faded walls with lot of pictures making it look like a perfect fairy tale house. And for a plus point the place is less crowded.

The food there is very tasty and pocket friendly. Good for get together or parties, as you can spend some quality time with your group. They have a large variety of food items and the presentation is attractive as well.

satya niketan
Food at Echoes Cafe

This place is a must visit in Satya Niketan. They also have branches in different parts of Delhi like North Campus and other places with the similar theme. So, you can visit these cafe anywhere, trust me you would wish to visit again after your first visit.

Where: 1st, 17, Satya Niketan Rd, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Must try: paneer makhni pizza
Cost for two: INR 600-800

3. Xero Degree

Xero degree is that type of a cafe in which you find everything that you look into a cafe. Like when someone asks for a description, there us nothing unique to tell about it still it is place where you want to visit again and again. The vibe is amazing, decent crowd, good ambience and tasty food is all you need. And xero degree serves that really well.

Satya niketan
Pizza at Xero Degree

The ambience is nice bluish wall on the one side, cemented grey on the other with a brick structure as a part of theme. Place is spacious and is always crowded. The staff is nice. And there playlist is nice as well.

Satya niketan
Cheesy fries

Moving forward to the food, presentation is 10 on 10. You will love the the way they serve the food. The food looks good and tastes even better. The cafe is very pocket friendly. The prices are affordable, that is why this is the place one visits again and again and yet there is no reason to do so. Do try this once, you would like to visit here again and again.

Where: H No. 7, Ground floor, Moti Bagh II, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Must try: Cheesy fries, pizza in a jar is very attractive. This is a must try, pasta Louisiana
Cost for two: INR 500-800

4. Crazy Kitchen Rooftop Cafe

One of the finest cafe in Satya Niketan. It has indoor sitting at ground floor as well has a rooftop sitting available. Although view from satya Niketan is not that good as the construction is going on since last 5 years but you still see a sight of the newly built south campus metro station. But the way they decorated the place weather it is rooftop or indoor sitting it is quite beautiful. You will see a lot of antiques in the cafe and on the rooftop you will see plants all around. With low sofas and pillows makes it looks like a garden.

Satya niketan
Krazy kitchen rooftoo cafe

We give it a thumbs up for the ambience. Moving forward to the food, the presentation is amazing and it tastes really well. They offer a vast variety yet it is very pocket friendly. It is good place to hangout with friends and taste is also not compromised.

Tasty food, good vibes, a bunch friends, that is all you need. That is why this is a must visit place. They serve a variety of food. In my previous blog places to eat momos in Satya Niketan, I have mentioned Crazy Kitchen as they serve one of the finest momos and there pasta is amazing as well. Do not forget to read Places to eat Momos in Satya Niketan. 

Where: 37, Satya Niketan Rd, Moti Bagh II, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Must try: Chaap Tikka Pizza, White sauce Pasta, Afgani Momos.
Cost for two: INR 800-1000

5. QD's Multi-cuisine Restaurant

One of the most finest cafe in Delhi. Have branches at different parts of Delhi famous for its unique decoration as well as tasty food. They have posters kind of wall made on the one end. That looks quite attractive. Rest the cafe is simple. Decent sitting, nice crowd and tasty food.

Satya niketan

I would say food is the only reason to visit this place. They have a large variety of momos about which I have already discussed in my previous blog- Places to eat Momos in Satya niketan. Apart from that they have a variety of shakes, coffee, Italian and Chinese. The presentation, the quality and taste, makes it worth trying.

Satya niketan
Momos @ Qd's

Apart from the taste, way of presenting food is also amazing. This cafe comes in a list of top cafes in Delhi which makes it more desirable.

Where: 294, Satyaniketan Market, near Venkateshwara College, Satya Niketan, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
Must try: Afgani tandoori Momos, Tandoori Momos veg, grandma's hot chocolate fudge, white sauce pasta
Cost for two: INR 800-1000

So, here it is top 5 of my picks in Satya Niketan. Do mention the name of cafe in comment section which you love the most. So that our readers can get more options to try next time when they visit satya Niketan.

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